People Are Cracking Up Over These “Me Vs. My Parents At My Age” Memes That Show How Much Things Have Changed

With a whopping 95mln people in their 20s and 30s, millennials make up America’s biggest generation. And they’re the grown-up kids of baby boomers, the second biggest generation there is.

But the differences between these two are bigger than life. While boomers love spending their weekends making a day-long meatloaf, their kids order the world’s cuisine as take-out with friends. And it goes beyond that. A 2018 report by the Federal Reserve Board, for example, stated that millennials have lower earnings, fewer assets, and less wealth, in general, compared with their parents.

Thanks to the recent surge in “me vs. my parents at my age” memes, people have managed to capture the subtle and (sometimes very obvious) generation differences. Both absurd and hysterically funny, these memes will probably feel very close to home, and if they do, they will definitely crack a smile or two.




To find out more about “me vs. my parents” memes, Bored Panda reached out to Alaina Stamatis, who has been running the popular Instagram meme account @Fad_albert. It has a solid fanbase of 31k followers who love the humorous content and spot-on jokes.

Alaina explained that memes are basically inside jokes about the human experience that you have with thousands of people. “The ones I make are inside jokes with anyone whose brains have been melted on mushrooms,” she said about her content. Alaina’s recent “me vs. my parents” meme amassed 11.2k followers.

“At first glance, the ‘my parents vs. me’ meme is about emotional maturity. My mother had me when she was 29 (and my father even younger), whereas I at 29 was just sobering up from a decade of alcoholism. I was struggling to keep a plant alive, much less an infant.” But on a further note, Alaina added that she’s “almost 35 now and recently became a parent, and it’s going very well!”




Meanwhile, viral “my parents vs. me” memes are also about “economic stability; the average cost of a home is 3x what it was when we were babies, but incomes certainly aren’t triple,” she added. In reality, “adolescence is getting longer and longer,” and this is what the memes are making fun of.

Alaina said that while her memes are more about psychedelic experiences—“I make fun of hippies and I am one”—she said that a good meme is one that makes you laugh instantly. “I know a meme is going to do pretty well if I’m laughing while I’m making it. If I show it to my husband and he laughs, then I know I’ve struck gold,” she concluded.



























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