89 Hotels And Airbnbs That Failed So Badly It’s Funny

Most of us associate hotels and Airbnbs with holidays—a special time that doesn’t come around too often. A time we want to make the most out of. So, naturally, we’re super excited to get away, stay in a lovely hotel, and chill by the pool. Just relax. However, sometimes our expectations aren’t met. Maybe the carpet design makes our room look like a bloody crime scene, or maybe the ceiling of your bathroom is so low, you have to kneel in order to take a piss. To remind you not to skip the reviews before booking, Bored Panda has compiled a list of hotel and Airbnb fails that aren’t doing these establishments any favors. Continue scrolling and check out the pictures!

#1 Don’t Wake Anybody Up If You’re Exiting The Motel During A Fire

Image credits: Coffee4MySoul

#2 I Reserved An Airbnb With A Sea View. Can’t Complain

Image credits: weully

#3 Went To A Hotel, Paid Extra For A Room With A Bigger TV

Image credits: OfficialFaabs

#4 This Hotel Bathroom “Tile” Wall Is Actually Just Numerous Pictures Of Denim-Clad Butts

Image credits: ChristieIsBored

#5 From A French Airbnb Alternative

Image credits: robot_accomplice

#6 My Hotel’s “Pool Area”

Image credits: Johnoplata

#7 This Hotels Curtains Look Like There Is Blood On Them

Image credits: robloxlegoman

#8 Hair Dryer And Shower Combo In Cairo Hotel

Image credits: Vast-Comfortable

#9 These Stairs At Our Hotel

Image credits: Zvek_Eagle

#10 The Pool At My Hotel In Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, Those Are Toilets

Image credits: jasonsmithatlanta

#11 My Wife Is 5’1” And I Am 6’7”, When It Comes To Hotel Robes, One Size Does Not Fit All

Image credits: The_Trip_Doctor

#12 The Bathroom In Our Airbnb Was Rather Small

Image credits: nevernomuffintops

#13 Cheap Motel TV Mount. Flat Screen Taped To TV With Packing Tape

Image credits: jaakobola

#14 Why Are Hotels Like This

Image credits: shailla131

#15 This Picture In The Hotel Lobby Looks Like Pubes

Image credits: Big_Boss_1000

#16 Flat Carpet In A Hotel In Cologne, Germany Imitating A Curvy Surface

Image credits: Majoranese

#17 Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

Image credits: pookiemon

#18 Beijing Hotel Carpet Pattern (Crime Scene?)

Image credits: well_redhead_

#19 This Couch In Our Hotel Room. And No, It Does Not Separate

Image credits: willpalm6

#20 Apparently Our Hotel Took Our Request For A Mini-Fridge Very Literally. Banana For Scale

Image credits: MeddlingMike

#21 I Raise You My Hotel Pool In Jeju Circa 2017

Image credits: Shents

#22 This New Hotel Carpet That Looks Like It’s Worn Out Beyond Threadbare

Image credits: PretzelsThirst

#23 The Door Stopper At My Hotel. I Present The “Toe Buster 5000”

Image credits: CleetisMcgee

#24 Unreadable, Found In A Swedish Hotel Room

Image credits: KnugensBroder1337

#25 This Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: I_watch

#26 Girlfriends View From The Bed Of Our Hotel Room

Image credits: Jack6169

#27 When You Just Want To Be Alone In Your Hotel Room Bathroom, But It Has A Window For No Reason

Image credits: Misterpeaceguy

#28 This Light Switch In My Hotel

Image credits: rockrove

#29 The 1’5” Gap In This Norwegian Hotel Shower Door

Image credits: dmichaelmyers

#30 Hotel Room In Germany

Image credits: iVanion

#31 Found This At My Local Holiday Inn

Image credits: sexybeast8209

#32 The Fitness Room At The Hotel I Stayed At

Image credits: PineBadger

#33 This Amazing View From My Hotel Room

Image credits: JohnIsPogi

#34 It Looks Like The Hotel Cart Ran Someone Over And Is Tracking Their Blood Through The Halls

Image credits: Nick_Coffin

#35 Came Back To The Hotel Room And Found This. It’s The Thought That Counts

Image credits: joshuambrose

#36 This Poorly Translated Food Menu From A Hotel In Saudi Arabia

Image credits: Trash-Panda-is-worse

#37 The Carpet In My Hotel Makes Me Feel Drunk Without Having Even Had A Single Drink

Image credits: shizzwizz

#38 Staying At A Hotel. This Is The Bathroom Switch. The Switch Is For The Fan And The Dial Is For The Light. Quick Showers Or You’re Stuck In The Dark

Image credits: suffocatinginfarts

#39 I Found This At A Hotel In Russia

Image credits: fildakoch

#40 The Pillars In This Hotel Hallway

Image credits: Aliasgraceland

#41 This Blind In My Hotel Room Is The Only Thing Hiding The Shower, And It’s Only Accessible From Outside Of The Bathroom

Image credits: Banane_42

#42 The Way This Hairdryer Is Plugged In The Bathroom In A Hotel In Cuba

Image credits: mjalex1128

#43 The Hotel I’m Staying At Has Their Locks Installed Backwards

Image credits: akgiant

#44 “Premium Motel”

Image credits: MercuREEEEEEE

#45 My Hotel Room With An Ocean View

Image credits: Ferniffico

#46 Hotel I’m Staying At Listed Hot Tub As An Amenity

Image credits: whiteymcgroovenhaven

#47 My Hotel For The Next Week In Budapest

Image credits: raynospies789

#48 Asked My Driver To Take Me To A Cheap Hotel, Found This On The Room Door

Image credits: tastes_like_thumbs

#49 Wanted To Surf Internet In This French Hotel. Wasn’t That Desperate

Image credits: Gouac

#50 It’s Ok

Image credits: richardmoore73

#51 Roommate

Image credits: mybrokecompass

#52 The Hotel I Went To Recently Had Some Plumbing Problems

Image credits: TheGreatHatsby24

#53 This Light That’s Placed In My Hotel Room Bed

Image credits: diliberto123

#54 My Hotel Room Has A Michael Scott Sized TV

Image credits: CranberryGuy

#55 Found About Two Years Ago In Some Cheap Hostel While Traveling

Image credits: s_konstantin

#56 This Mirror In A 5-Star Hotel

Image credits: ItzOdHyN

#57 This Kitchen Power Outlet At A Local Hotel

Image credits: FoulShipDab

#58 5-Star Hotel Has These “Clean” Looking Coffee Cups

Image credits: DestroyerOfDucks

#59 The Carpet At My Hotel Was Printed With The Mouse Cursor On It

Image credits: valearpeggi

#60 My Days Inn Hotel Room Was Missing Most Of The Floor By The Air Conditioner, And They Still Charged $75 A Night

Image credits: whatisonhere

#61 The Pattern On This Chinese Hotel’s Carpet Looks Like Blood And Jizz Stains

Image credits: faithlessMia

#62 This Hotel’s New Carpet

Image credits: ampocalypse

#63 Do You Guys Like Crappy Hotel Room Number Signs?

Image credits: belleri7

#64 This Hotel Shower (I’m 5’9)

Image credits: godiswhoIam

#65 My Hotel Window

Image credits: dontknow1256

#66 The View From The Bed In Our Hotel Room

Image credits: actualbobblehead

#67 And Of Course The Fan Was Broken In This Hotel Bathroom

Image credits: rjoyfult

#68 Best Spot

Image credits: WaddySolomon

#69 Found This At A Hotel. Which One Is Which?

Image credits: Disastrous-Seaweed

#70 Are You Serious Hotel?

Image credits: A-questioner

#71 Checked In To A Hotel And Promptly Checked Out

Image credits: gravityblast10

#72 Paid Extra For A Hotel Room With A Window Instead Of An Internal Room

Image credits: lucy_lu_2

#73 Back To Childhood Experience

Image credits: LynnJCraig

#74 Airbnb Said I’d Have A Balcony But Seriously

Image credits: eidahl

#75 This Was Hanging At A Hostel I Visited In Pai, Thailand

Image credits: Yuansohn

#76 I Love The Intercoms In The Bathroom

Image credits: sergioalgozzino_memoriea8bit

#77 Nothing Like Finding A Condom Wrapper In My Hotel Room

Image credits: reddit_jae

#78 Painted In A Hotel Stairwell Leading To Fitness Center

Image credits: Westonhaus

#79 The One Thing You Had To Get Right Was The Name Of The Hotel

Image credits: Shadowconquest

#80 Found This Thing Of Joy In My Hotel Room

Image credits: Daylonjones20

#81 This Hotel Placard That Tells Where The Rooms Are Is Hard To Read

Image credits: TinyPachyderm

#82 You Can Only Lock The Bathroom Door In This Hotel From The Outside

Image credits: Chilliad_YT

#83 This TP Holder Is 12 Inches Too Far Away In My Hotel Bathroom. Crap Inconvenience Design

Image credits: PapaHarv

#84 A Coffin Shaped Door At A Hotel

Image credits: TofuMess

#85 Seeing This When First Entering My Hotel Room

Image credits: iFoundSnape

#86 “Hotel Room With A View.” They Didn’t Specify What I Would Be ‘Viewing’

Image credits: eqrunner

#87 The Cleaner At The Hotel In Egypt, Made This Towel-Monkey, And Dressed It In My Used Boxers

Image credits: andydith

#88 Hotel’s Mirror

Image credits: NobodyEpic

#89 This Carpet Design In My Hotel Room Looks Like A Piss Stain

Image credits: _m_rh