133 “Shameless” Pets That Stole Their Owners’ Partners And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry About It (New Pics)

Jealousy is a heck of a thing. You see them cozying up to your partner, grabbing their attention, getting tons of cuddles, and making them smile far wider than you ever made them. When it comes to pets, you just can’t compete—they’ll shamelessly steal your significant other’s heart and act all cute and smug about it!

Don’t believe us? Well, our team here at Bored Panda has all the proof you’ll ever need. We’ve collected some of the best photos that prove how unabashedly pets (from dorky doggos to cute cattos) monopolize the attention that our loved ones should be lavishing us with!

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Bored Panda was interested to learn more about animal empathy, consciousness, and their world of emotions, so we reached out to the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity. PDSA vet Lynne James told us that animals lead lives that can be as rich and complex as our own. Read on for the full interview.

#1 This Girl Has Been Trying To Steal My Husband Since Day One

Image credits: punohuksy

#2 My Cat Absolutely Adores My Boyfriend

Image credits: EggshellsandEyeballs

#3 I Heard My BF Explaining A Game To Someone, He Was Really Excited About It. When I Went Back To The Room, This Is What I Saw

Image credits: cocoakaos

“Anyone who has ever owned a pet will recognize their ability to understand their owner’s moods. Who hasn’t sat down in misery and found their dog has hopped up next to them nudging their arm, wanting to be there for them, or their cat has jumped up on the seat next to them in a comforting way? This doesn’t happen by accident,” PDSA vet James told Bored Panda.

According to the vet, research has found that many animals experience consciousness and emotions comparable to human beings. “They pick up on moods, emotions, and pheromones produced by people and other animals. By responding to these and acting accordingly, they are reacting with empathy, but this will definitely apply to some pets more than others.”

#4 My Girlfriends Cat Has Decided He Is Obsessed With Me And Now We Wake Up Like This Every Morning

Image credits: larryfinesse

#5 My Dog Showing My Girlfriend That I’m His

Image credits: NBAJam95

#6 My Boyfriend And My Cat Have A Special Bond. I Feel Like The Third Wheel

Image credits: Arsenicyellow

Vet James pointed out that mammals feel a wide range of emotions, from love, happiness, and excitement to fear, distress, and others. “It’s incredibly important that we respect and nurture our pets so that they can enjoy a happy life with us. Our pets have individual needs; some pets may be very sociable while others less so. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to provide for your pet’s five welfare needs, including their need for love and attention, and you can’t do that unless you learn about the species you’re planning to share your life with.”

The PDSA vet continued, stressing that socializing with our pets is a must: “A sociable animal won’t thrive in life if their need for companionship isn’t met. How many of us humans have struggled with lockdown? We’re sociable creatures and the lack of social interaction has meant that lots of us are finding things hard, but can you imagine if we had to live like this permanently? We wouldn’t want to inflict that on our sociable pets either.”

#7 My Wife And Our Dog Marty As I Was Leaving For Work This Morning

Image credits: weatherworn

#8 GF And I Adopted This Dude From The Shelter Yesterday. He Follows Her Everywhere And Does This When She Sits Down

Image credits: dj_8track

#9 I Went Away For 3 Weeks, And Now My Cat Is In Love With My Husband

Image credits: sillykittyish

However, some pets find that sharing their homes with other animals (whether of their own species or nto) to be stressful. This can impact their mental and even physical health. “It’s really important to research your pets so that you know you’re providing the right kind of environment for them so you can share a happy life together,” the vet said.

The PDSA has lots of wonderful advice for all of you Pandas who have pets at home. You can find some information about how to socialize your puppies during the lockdown here, how to socialize your kittens right here, and how to stop your dogs from getting separation anxiety right over here.

It won’t surprise any pet owner to learn that animals have a highly-developed sense of empathy toward their owners, as well as their own kind. (I mean, who doesn’t like getting and giving hugs?) However, this doesn’t mean that everyone’s always lovey-dovey and super-cuddlesome. Sometimes, there’s some calculation on our pets’ part involved, too!

#10 Three Days In To My Husband Being Home 24/7 And My Dog Has Become A Full On Traitorous Bastard. It’s Like I Don’t Exist

Image credits: urkillingme

#11 I Just Tried To Hold My Husband’s Hand And My Cat Was Not Pleased About It

Image credits: Ijoinedforredditaww

#12 When Your Boy Is Stealing Your Girl

Image credits: bjornandborg

For an earlier article that we wrote about pet intelligence, we’d reached out to Dr. Suzanne MacDonald from the Department of Psychology at York University in Toronto. She helped us get a deeper glimpse into pet intelligence as a whole.

Dr. MacDonald explained that, based on her experience with pet owners, they “tend to overestimate” just how intelligent, smart, and clever their adorable animals are. This is pretty natural because we love our pets just so very much.

#13 My Dog Stole My Girlfriend And He Knows It

Image credits: apradical2

#14 My Chonk Is Trying To Steal My Man

Image credits: neopetting

#15 Daisy Adores My Boyfriend. I’m Pretty Sure He’s Her Boyfriend Now

Image credits: alrightsydney

According to Dr. Macdonald, it’s dog owners in particular that tend to overestimate their pets’ intelligence. “Dog owners tend to overestimate their intelligence because dogs and humans co-evolved so we can read each other’s cues very well. Dogs are super great at picking up small cues from us, and they look to us when they need help… so they have learned to do things—like have a ‘guilty’ face, for example—that make us think they have the same intentions and understanding that humans do… even if the research shows that they don’t.”

Dr. Macdonald added that pet owners generally tend to attribute a lot more cognitive complexity to their animals than research shows that they have in reality. Now, this doesn’t mean that our pets are ‘dumb.’ Not by a long shot. But it does mean that we should be realistic about how smart and capable our best buddies are… and what dogs are willing to do to get a snack or an extra belly rub.

#16 When He Steals Yo Man Successfully

Image credits: Nasrin Hami

#17 You All Deserve Someone In Your Lives Who Looks At You The Same Way My Cat Looks At My Boyfriend

Image credits: Stormster

#18 The Face My Dog Makes At My Girlfriend When We Cuddle

Image credits: Dancisco23

We also previously spoke to scientist Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal about rat empathy. She explained that empathy is a very complex subject. “The definition of empathy, how can we say that animals really feel empathy the same way we do. But empathy is a construct. We don’t even know what it is in humans really!”

Bartal continued: “I operate on the assumption that there is an evolutionary continuum between species, and that the basic building blocks of our responses are shared. Being sensitive to distress in others and motivated to care about their suffering is as old as the moment mother and child became connected for survival after birth.”

#19 My Girlfriend Decorated Our Tree With My Dog Last Week

Image credits: GoX14

#20 Buddy Went To The Bathroom And Our Friend’s 180lb Dog Claimed His Wife As His Own

Image credits: gordorobertson

#21 Walked In On My Best Friend Trying To Steal My GF

Image credits: jjlaflow

In other words, Bartal assumes that there’s a sense of empathy that all conscious animals share (even though the exact extent and the way it’s expressed might differ). Looking at the capacity for empathy as a continuum instead of something that’s binary opens up a lot of questions about morality and how we treat animals.

Bartal and other scientists’ research found that socialization was a vital aspect of empathy. To put it bluntly, the more we socialize with someone, the more quality time we spend with them, the more we’ll become emotionally attached to them and willing to make sacrifices for them.

#22 Maybe I’m Being Paranoid But I Think She’s Flirting With My Boyfriend

Image credits: ShadeeLeeann

#23 I Turn My Back For 2 Seconds And He’s Trying To Steal My Girl And My Food

Image credits: sambianchetto

#24 I Just Woke Up And Realized That I’m The Third Wheel

Image credits: Slipperyfister

Not to get too ahead of ourselves, but this sort of research sounds a lot like the scientists finding the building blocks of love, affection, and whatever else you might want to call the starry-eyed look on your pets’ faces as they’re hugging you while your partner looks on in envy.

#25 Woke Up To Find My Boyfriend And Our Dog Sound Asleep Like This

Image credits: mishalaluna

#26 My GF And I Usually Hold Hands When We’re Watching TV. Tonight Felt A Little Furrier Than Normal. Looked Down To Find This

Image credits: definitelynotforpron

#27 GF And I Were Holding Hands. Then This Happened

Image credits: abilledeaux

#28 My Puppy Stole My Girlfriend

Image credits: SavageSausage1

#29 I Caught My BF With My Cat. No Words

Image credits: darksozz

#30 “Back Off, He’s Mine Now”

Image credits: Hyst3riaa

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#31 My Boyfriend With His Girlfriend, Toaster

Image credits: sarahnourie

#32 Every Morning Husband Sneaks Out Of Bed To Cuddle Mistress

Image credits: AstroTing

#33 Good Girl Always Stealing My Spot

Image credits: trkassmark

#34 This Is His “I Stole Your Girl” Face

Image credits: poopmypantsMcGhee

#35 My BF And Dog When They Play A Video Game

Image credits: shangram

#36 My Beautiful GF Has Never Looked At Me This Way

Image credits: The_Duke_of_Lizards

#37 Caught My GF Sleeping With My Best Friend. Decided A Picture Was Better Than Waking Them Up

Image credits: toes2danose

#38 BF: “You’re Paranoid, The Cat Definitely Doesn’t Love Me More.” BF: Closes Door. Cat:

Image credits: Skoocho

#39 I Get Up For One Minute And Walk In To Find That I’ve Already Been Replaced

Image credits: Stephdaulton

#40 I Adopted A Cat, And She Won’t Leave My Husbands Side

Image credits: lfpod

#41 I Swear She’s Trying To Steal My Boyfriend

Image credits: vngelheart

#42 Little Boi Blep Stole My Girlfriend

Image credits: jdubery

#43 My Boyfriend And His Dog Give Each Other A Hug Every Morning And I Happened To Be Behind Him On The Stairs This Time

Image credits: kiana23

#44 A Love Triangle

Image credits: ReadMoreScience

#45 Came Home And Found My Girl In Bed With Another Man

Image credits: leroy_hirama

#46 What A Disgrace

Image credits: missremiashten

#47 Mr. Steal Yo Boy

Image credits: syanne77

#48 Adopted Her Two Years Ago. Him 5 Years Ago. I Am Now The Third Wheel

Image credits: LaurawithaL

#49 Lucy Was Getting Some Love. Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Him Back From Her

Image credits: melliegrad

#50 Woke Up Early, Don’t Think The Hubby Realizes I’m Gone

Image credits: wolfdoglife

#51 My Cat, Taco, Is More In Love With My Boyfriend Than Anyone Else In The World

Image credits: mandapants86

#52 My Dog Skypes My Boyfriend Better Than I Do

Image credits: princesssquid

#53 My Coworker’s Dog Just Stole My Girlfriend

Image credits: Kreetchur

#54 My BF Who Declared How Much He Didn’t Like Cats. Dare I Say The Little Stinker Loves Him More Than Me

Image credits: Criticalfluffs

#55 Caught My GF Taking Selfies With My Dog. The Shade He Throws Me At The End Hurt Me

Image credits: NBAJam95

#56 My Dad Texted Me This Morning And Said He Was Replaced On Valentine’s Day

Image credits: kevinonthemoon

#57 My Girlfriend’s Dog And I The First Night We Met

Image credits: blackythegreat

#58 My Girlfriend Went To Get A Drink, And Her Cat Wanted To Skype Me Too

Image credits: lolskaters

#59 First Time My Girlfriend Met My Cat, She Spent More Time With Him Than Me

Image credits: ChrisTheCrumpet

#60 I’m Starting To Think My GF Is Only Dating Me For My Cat

Image credits: gbux

#61 My Dog Loves My GF More. Apparently, The Girls Gotta Stick Together

Image credits: RainyDayStay

#62 My Cat Trying To Seduce My Boyfriend

Image credits: westernmeadowlark24

#63 My Dog Is Obsessed With My Husband

Image credits: jaroemen

#64 Got Married Saturday. This Was Sunday Morning. My Cat Stole My Husband And Liked To Rub It In

Image credits: danifrankenstein

#65 The Look After She Steals Another Boyfriend

Image credits: Dancisco23

#66 She Stole My Boyfriend And She Knows It

Image credits: thesoulismine

#67 My Cat Is Trying To Steal My Boyfriend

Image credits: baxxy

#68 Never Thought I’d Have To Share My Boyfriend With My Cat, But She’s Been In Love Since Day One

Image credits: Ravisium

#69 I Think He Stole My Girlfriend

Image credits: lantern_lol

#70 Every Time Husband Comes Home And Sits Down, The Girls Are Like This Within Minutes

Image credits: Azryhael

#71 My Dog Stole My Boyfriend

Image credits: kae.04x

#72 He’s My Husband Now

Image credits: barbedwirelegs

#73 My Cat Stealing My Girlfriend, Preventing Her From Studying, And Then Looking Back At Me To See If I’m Jealous

Image credits: waterfae

#74 Meanwhile, I’m On The Couch Alone

Image credits: kate.reighard

#75 She Likes To Stare At Me When She’s In My Husband’s Arms To See If It Makes Me Jealous

Image credits: happygrapefruit3337

#76 My Baby Makes My Wife Jealous

Image credits: CowTippingDwarf33

#77 My Wife Says She Jealous Of Me And My Dog Because Of Looks Like This

Image credits: DankVectorz

#78 Just My Hubby And His Girlfriend. Looking At Me Like I’m The Side Chick

Image credits: micheleardolino

#79 This Is How My Cat Waits For My Boyfriend To Come Home

Image credits: idontknowiforgot

#80 Came Home To Find My Girlfriend And Our Cat Taking A Quick Nap At The Bottom Of The Bed Like This

Image credits: Garudacrim

#81 Came Home Last Night To Find My Boyfriend And Our 13lbs Cat Genghis Khan Sleeping Like This. They’re So Fluffy

Image credits: wadgem

#82 My Girlfriend’s Dog And I Had A Moment

Image credits: Tuhyk_inside

#83 My Cat Is Overly Attached To My Wife

Image credits: gaff66

#84 This Little Derp Has Stolen My Boyfriend

Image credits: Beetlejuice2013

#85 Help. I Think My Dog Is Trying To Steal My Boyfriend

Image credits: Travellingtrex

#86 “She’s Mine”

Image credits: isuckatflyfishing

#87 This Strange Creature Is Trying To Steal My Man

Image credits: xbriegoldenx

#88 Fell Asleep Next To Blue. Wife Says She Has Competition

Image credits: dtype

#89 Umm, Excuse Me, That’s Where I Was Sitting

Image credits: alecgoodman_17

#90 Brand New To The Family And He’s Already Trying To Steal My Woman. Meet Riker

Image credits: iandouglas

#91 She Steals My Girl And Then Gloats About It

Image credits: jigglefest2

#92 My Boyfriend And I Recently Moved In Together. This Is What My Dog Does For Most Of The Day Until He Comes Home

Image credits: Ladyoflions

#93 Ms. Steal Yo Man

Image credits: skippah

#94 It’s Mr. Steal Yo Girl – Unfortunately, It’s My Girl He Stole

Image credits: Mr_Spraybutter

#95 Can We All Just Appreciate This Photo Of My Dog’s Reaction To A Hug From My Boyfriend

Image credits: raybeedee

#96 My Girlfriend And Her Cat Moved In With Me, I Am Now The Favorite

Image credits: ramiro2k7

#97 GF’s Dog Was Happy To Meet Me

Image credits: xarc134

#98 My Husband Is Out Of Town So My Cat Took His Spot And Laid On His Pillow All Night. He Even Gave Me The “Good Morning” Face

Image credits: jenpriester

#99 Get A Boyfriend They Said, It Will Be Fun. Jerk Stole My Dog, My Trusted Sleeping Cuddle Buddy

Image credits: Lara-El

#100 My Cat Is Stealing My Girlfriend And He Knows It

Image credits: GrahamLudewig

#101 My Husband Didn’t Want A Cat. Now We Have One That Shoots Hearts Out His Eyeballs At My Husband

Image credits: Amyare

#102 Pretty Sure I’ve Lost My Man To The Giant Dog I’ve Been Puppy Sitting. This Is How They Have Been Watching TV

Image credits: miss_chevy_bel

#103 Pretty Much Been Replaced By A Dog

Image credits: craftbeerandtriathlon

#104 Well, Can’t Say I Didn’t Think It Would Happen One Day

Image credits: laurenlylu

#105 Went To Visit Our New Puppy Winnie Today. Safe To Say I Think I’m Going To Have To Compete For My GF’s Affection In Future

Image credits: tactical_llama2

#106 I’m Very Jealous Of My Boyfriend And Cat’s Relationship. But Hey At Least Everyone Is Comfortable

Image credits: a-mitchell31212

#107 He Is Mine Meow

Image credits: Eonthecat

#108 My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me With My Dog

Image credits: supmissy

#109 My Boyfriend Who Has Never Owned A Pet Moved In Yesterday

Image credits: Terner006

#110 Here’s My Shoulder Kitten Watching The Mandalorian With My BF

Image credits: pebernd0910

#111 Mr. Steal Yo Man Kitteh

Image credits: catlockholmes

#112 Mr. Steal Yo Girl

Image credits: _Akamaru_

#113 Came Home And Found My Husband In Bed With Another Female

Image credits: Festus2013

#114 We Have This One Mare That’s Always Trying To Steal My Man

Image credits: Deathbeforedawn7

#115 The Way My Dog Looks At My BF. She Loves Him So Much

Image credits: alanakneecole

#116 Roll Over To Cuddle BF And Then…

Image credits: daciana_avael

#117 “Yes? Can I Help You?” Damn Cat Stole My Seat

Image credits: mini_mil

#118 I’m Feeling Like The Third Wheel Here

Image credits: ickswiththemostvicks

#119 My Bed, My Man, I’m Not Movin’

Image credits: marshmallowwitheyebrows

#120 My BF Claims To Hate Cats. My Cat Slept Over Last Night, As Soon As My BF Put His Arm Around Him There Was Instant Purring

Image credits: visionsofnothing

#121 Found My Girlfriend In Bed With A Handsome Italian This Morning

Image credits: ChevalierdeSeingalt

#122 I Am Officially The Third Wheel

Image credits: vapedaddy604

#123 He Stole My Woman

Image credits: USchairFORCE

#124 She’s Simply Here To Steal My Man

Image credits: FrancyMLG

#125 This Is Max. Mr Steal My Wife

Image credits: travisoliphant

#126 I’m Just Casually Third Wheeling Next To These Two

Image credits: Chops2917

#127 I Think My Little Dude Is Trying To Steal My Wife

Image credits: iFixthings4cash

#128 This Smug Bastard, Stealing My Wife’s Heart

Image credits: Slipperyfister

#129 This Mrs. Gonna Steal Yo Man

Image credits: spartanEZE

#130 Woke Up And Realized My Boyfriend Wasn’t In Bed. Went To The Living Room And Found This

Image credits: sesssa

#131 I’ve Been Replaced

Image credits: aileenk.oooh

#132 How My Boyfriend And His Cat Sleep

Image credits: bbkfx

#133 Trying To Steal My BF Since 2019