51 Times Car Mechanics Took Pics Of What They Were Dealing With So Others Would Believe Them (New Pics)

Having a car is a commitment to yourself. If you properly take care of it, you will keep yourself safe on the road.

But some people have serious trouble with maintaining their ride.

Luckily for them, cars are tough and know how to talk. They make noises and vibrations, and all kinds of complaints, telling their owners to get some help. All they have to do is listen.

A few months ago, we at Bored Panda published an article on the subreddit r/JustRolledIntoTheShop, a place where mechanics share photos of the craziest things they see on the job. Since then, the online community has continued to showcase the biggest surprises they find under the hood (or the trunk, or the fender, or…), so we figured we should put together an update on it. Enjoy!

#1 Just Saved This Lil Guy. I Had To Remove The Front End Of The Vehicle To Do It, But He Is Now Free And Alive And Well

Image credits: SmittyYAP

#2 Customer Said Her Husband Patched The Tire But It Keeps Leaking Air

Image credits: Howdyooooh

#3 Soooooo

Image credits: thesaucier1

#4 Customer Said All 4 Of Them Were Uninjured But We Can’t Say The Same About The Car

Image credits: Misterr_Carlos

#5 Customer States Left Rear Tire Is Flat, Please Repair

Image credits: sregors

#6 When The Edible Starts Kicking In

Image credits: rtscott08

#7 Customer’s Vehicle Has Been Overheating For The Past Month

Image credits: cdmertz

#8 My New Carpeting

Image credits: Succpicious

#9 Well… Almost Pissed My Pants… Caught Off Guard

Image credits: ZeroRain87

#10 Customer Asked Me To Put Their Spare Tire On. Saw A Cement Atlas Ball In The Back. Those Things Are Solid Concrete And This Thing Weights Like 150lbs. I Said No Way. I’m Not Blowing Out My Back On A Job I’m Not Being Paid For

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 The Eyes After A 30 Mile Trip

Image credits: mtimmermeyer

#12 How American

Image credits: ImInYourBooty

#13 Guess Somebody Has A Hard Time Remembering

Image credits: d96flintd

#14 When You’re Towing A Car Behind Your Rv, Remember To Put It In Neutral

Image credits: My-Roots

#15 There’s A Battery Terminal In There Somewhere

Image credits: rioryan

#16 Customer Says “Don’t Worry, It’s Friendly”

Image credits: profeshonalmeechanik

#17 Some Honesty Tests Are Harder Than Others

Image credits: Cantfindanameoradamn

#18 Grandpa Said “Just Pump The Tire Up”

Image credits: Porter-and-wings

#19 He Drove 700km Like This In Outback Aussie, Rims So Bent He Couldn’t Get The Nuts Off To Change Them

Image credits: KungFuFactory

#20 Just Rolled Into The Shop

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Engine Swap That I Bought Off Of Facebook Marketplace… Turned Fine And Seemed To Have Good Compression There, But This Was Hiding Under The Valve Cover

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 Found A Friend

Image credits: unhallowed69

#23 Who’s Talking

Image credits: Personal-Gur-6361

#24 I Swear These Customers Do This On Purpose

Image credits: ozkrow

#25 Not A Rolled In But More Of A Birth Into The Shop… Stray Left A Puddle Of Kittens Out In Our Side Yard A Year Ago. The Neighbour Took This One Home And The Boss Took Another

Image credits: Desperate-Risk7373

#26 A Customer Came And Said “I Can Smell Something A Little Bit And There’s Small Noise Front Right”

Image credits: OsterForever

#27 Can’t Explain To The Elderly That They Don’t Need An Oil Change After 8mo/23 Miles

Image credits: Brianthelion83

#28 When You Dispute The Bill And Tell The Other Mechanic To Just Put The Motor Back In The Car

Image credits: kidkangaroo

#29 Pick Up Your Starfire Slicks From Your Local Pep Boys!

Image credits: the300zguy

#30 Anyone Else Hate These Kind Of Carseats? Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: haringtiti

#31 Expecting Snow And Ice Statewide Tomorrow. Cs “.. And Don’t Try To Sell Me New Tires – Don’t Need Them!”

Image credits: chrisell

#32 People Fought Wars Over This Much Salt

Image credits: crmeacham93

#33 My Dad Asked Me To Come Over And Give Him A Hand With His Vette. He Hands Me A Pair Of Gloves To Wear Around The Headers. Uh, No Thanks Dad

Image credits: Paradox1989

#34 Sister Just Bought A New Nintendo Switch. This Is Her Tire. Priorities

Image credits: lajarus

#35 So, We’ve Got A New Regular Customer In The Shop Now Apparently

Image credits: FishtixMods

#36 Customer Complains Of Fuel Smell. This Is Half Of The Gas Cans He Has In The Back

Image credits: Mecha_Malcolm

#37 Rolled In For Timing And Exhaust Work But Couldn’t Help But Notice The Custom Lift

Image credits: Ginganinjalegend

#38 This Could Get Messy

Image credits: knastyb1

#39 Paper, Rock, Scissors On This One

Image credits: xhollec

#40 Inside Of The Smokers Cars From Earlier

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Passenger Door Felt A Bit Heavy

Image credits: MrKwyte

#42 Northeast USA, It Seems Nobody Ever Buys Tires Anymore

Image credits: Trident_0711

#43 Just Rolled Into The Shop… Guy Came In For A Flat Repair, Didn’t Understand That He Needed A New Sensor After He Twisted His Stem Off With Pliers. Thought I Was Ripping Him Off When I Told Him He Needed New Lugs And Studs. Brakes Were Metal To Metal And He Said They Were Brand New

Image credits: AutistMemer

#44 When The Dealership Lets A Kid With 0 Manual Transmission Experience Test Drive A Mazdaspeed 3

Image credits: HairJordan87

#45 Another Super Safe Michigan Vehicle. Seat Belts Are For Pussies Anyway

Image credits: profeshonalmeechanik

#46 Customer Installed The Wrong Battery And Slammed The Hood Down. I’ve Seen It All Now

Image credits: SourTittyMilk

#47 Gotcha

Image credits: mattthepiratehunter

#48 Yeah, She Felt The Car Was A Little Slower Today

Image credits: FinibusBonorum

#49 So We Have A New Advisor

Image credits: Axsaul

#50 Normally I Don’t Post Here But I Couldn’t Resist With This One

Image credits: Smooskies

#51 Cracked A Snap-On Impact Socket…. With A Breaker Bar… Trying To Get Wheel Bolts Loose On A Mercedes-Benz. There Is No Reason They Should Ever Be That Tight

Image credits: JustBlarg

#52 Nervous System Transplant

Image credits: Gregphish