168 Pics Of People Having A Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

When it feels like the world is against you, a few things can make it somewhat better. A bucket of choco chip ice cream is one, binge watching Community with your therapy dog is another. But the most potent antidote known to man is a bittersweet one, and it’s knowing that someone is having a day even more vile than you are.

Whether it’s a spilled coffee or “as luck would have it” moment, get ready for a barely legal therapy list down below as compiled by Bored Panda. Be sure to check out our previous posts with bad, worse, and 100% evil days here, here, and here and don’t forget to let us know how your day is going so far in the comment section.

Even if there’s no skip button for those 24-hour hell on earth benders, at least we can all have a laugh at them.

#1 I Spilled 50,000 2mm Glass Beads On The Ground And I Now Have To Sort Them By Hand

Image credits: Myosonami

#2 My Boss Didn’t Realize That There Was An Envelope Of Cash On Her Desk Before Using The Shredder

Image credits: Flying-Tilt

#3 I Do Calligraphy. I Misplaced The Circled In Character, Which Is Part Of A 300 Word Scroll That I Almost Finished After 5 Days Of Work, 200 Characters In

Image credits: SomeFoolishHooman

#4 Last Week, I Asked A Local Bookstore To Add The “Local Author” Section. They Did. Everybody Made The Shelf But Me

A while ago, I published a kid’s book and talked the local book store into their first EVER book signing. Many other authors followed since then

Image credits: Vulpes__Corvum

#5 My Mom Is A Beekeeper, And She Accidentally Spilt 10kgs Of Honey On The Floor

Image credits: PommiPena

#6 Didn’t Realize One Of My Glove Fingers Broke Until I Was Done Dyeing My Hair

Image credits: fibbybritches

#7 When Your Cabinet Decides It’s Time To Break Lose And Come Crashing Down The Day You Install Your Brand New Glass Top Stove

Image credits: thorisadog

#8 My Friend Writes “Apparently I Bought A Brining Bag Instead Of A Baking Bag”

Image credits: jesseburns

#9 My Girlfriend Opened Her Jewelry Making Box Upside Down

Image credits: sashagreyhound

#10 Are We There Yet?

Image credits: mohicansgonnagetya

#11 My Mom Accidentally Printed Her Divorce Papers On Stickers

Image credits: lmhimes75

#12 So I Found Out That My Shoes Have A Hole In Them. At The Urinal At Work

Image credits: AFallingWall

#13 Oh No

Image credits: cameronmattis

#14 So, How’s Your Day Going?

Image credits: product-of-my-time

#15 My 12 Year Old, Allergic To Nearly Everything

Image credits: airlee77

#16 Don’t Leave Your Kayak Out In The Sun

Image credits: tyrannosaurus_fred

#17 My Multi-Million Dollar Health Care Company Said They Were Getting Us A Present For Being Essential Workers. We Got A Baggie Of Masks

Image credits: Keywork29

#18 Lamborghini Huracan Flooded Due To Rain In São Paulo. It Was Not Insured

Image credits: xXJamesScarXx

#19 When The Tiger Shark You’re Photographing Swims Off With Your Camera Rig

Image credits: Jim Abernethy

#20 Friend Got Me A Cake For My “Going Away Party”. Guess Where I’m Going

Image credits: iamscyrus

#21 My Bathroom Cabinet Gave Up On Life At 5 Am This Morning And Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack

Image credits: OkayMolasses

#22 Just Lost Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Product At Work. Most Likely Getting Fired

UPDATE: It’s bell pepper, about $250 a kilo and we lost 20 kilos in total. What happened was I was discharging the product inside the container and I thought I was completely done because none was coming out. I undo all of the screws, lift it up, and a shit ton poor’s out. It turned out that the valve closed due to the vibration of the pump motor and there was a lot of leftover. No one will see it, hopefully. Most of the employees only use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

UPDATE: I didn’t get fired! But I do have to go back to that order and make another 20 kilos which will be a long day. They were really understanding and forgave me for my mistake. Thank god I didn’t lose my job!

Image credits: Taclysis

#23 I Found Out Someone Cut Through The Convertible Top Of My Unlocked Car, Then It Rained Inside. I Was Let Go From My Job An Hour Later For Some Extra Spice

Image credits: Captain_Awesom

#24 Long Story Short, I Saw A Cockroach

Image credits: x313

#25 My Tenancy Ends Tomorrow After 2 Years In This Flat. Today, While Cleaning And Getting Everything Ready To Move Out, I Hit The Oven’s Door And Broke The Glass

Image credits: cheekibreekio

#26 Spent 10 Minutes Looking For The Drip Tray For The Forman Grill, After I Turned It On

Image credits: Kimritto

#27 When You Come Home And Your House Doesn’t Smell Like Pot Roast

Image credits: HomerTigerBoo

#28 110+ Mph Derecho Winds Impale House With A Lawn Chair, Iowa 8/10

Image credits: johntaylorsbangs

#29 Was Moving Into My Univeristy Accommodation Today And When I Opened The Door Apparently Someone Already Moved Into My Room

Image credits: LazorGames

#30 Just Set Up New Monitor, Chair Slipped Under Me And I Hit The Desk, And Monitor Fell And Broke. Happy Friday

Image credits: Shanghai_Pete

#31 In Arizona It’s Illegal To Cut Down A Saguaro Cactus. Last Night This Precious 15-Foot Piece Of Protected Wildlife Destroyed My Roof

Image credits: sikanrong101

#32 Someone’s Date Did Not Go According To Plan

#33 My Sister Unplugged My 3D Printer With Only A Few Layers Left On This 20 Hour Print

Image credits: Half_Smashed_Face

#34 My Mom wanted to Surprise Me With A Delivery Of My Favorite Pizza & Ice Cream From Ohio To LA For My Birthday. UPS Lost The Package For 2 Days And Delivered On The 3rd – Refused Refund

She packed it in a cooler on ice & shipped via UPS for $350+ so it could be delivered next day during my birthday party.

Image credits: Shibbroni

#35 Graduating Today

Image credits: biankax

#36 Turned 26 Today, Contact Fell Out While Walking Into Work, Tried To Rub My Eye To Help The Irritation While Looking Down, And Walked Into A Brick Wall. Happy Birthday To Me

Image credits: DabDastic

#37 Someone Accidentally Set Off The Fire Suppression System In A Military Hanger

#38 Marathon Runner Ran 26.3 Miles To Spell Out “Boston Strog” In Her Fitness App

Image credits: simbastrail

#39 My Sister Was Putting On Her Make Up In Front Of A Window And The Mirror She Was Using Burnt S Hole In Her Screen

Image credits: Hucufurus

#40 Well, Today I Had My Tooth Removed. But Get This It Was The Wrong Tooth. Just My Luck

Image credits: Vorelover1224

#41 20 Assignments Due In 2 Days Because I Thought School Started On The 17th, Not The 7th

Image credits: account_exists

#42 Obviously Scatterbrained Today, I Put A Laundry Detergent Pod In The Dishwasher

Image credits: uglypatty

#43 I Prepaid For A Years’ Worth Of Car Washes To Save A Few Bucks

Image credits: ultraprismic

#44 When You Are From Arizona And Think 70 Degrees On The Beach In Cali Doesnt Require Sunscreen

Image credits: slviiier

#45 Candle Left In The Car During A Heatwave. Exploded When I Picked It Up

Image credits: CherriesRRed

#46 I Got A Splinter On My Finger From Scratching My Beard

Image credits: Kaivosukeltaja

#47 Brought My Headphones For A 14 Hour Drive And Forgot My Phone Doesn’t Have A Headphone Jack. Thanks, Apple

Image credits: KillerKoala444

#48 I Forgot To Take The Old Coffee Pod Out Of The Coffee Maker Before Making Cup Noodles

Image credits: superleo42

#49 Good Morning

#50 I Just Spent Over An Hour In Traffic On My Way To Work. Only Then I Looked Down

Image credits: ghmatos

#51 Paid Extra For This “Window” Seat

Image credits: Zadsta

#52 Breaking News: Local Idiot Spills Spaghetti On Her Bed

Image credits: accentmarkss

#53 I Got This Question Wrong

Image credits: TheHjonking

#54 Gas Station Toilet Paper About The Width Of An iPod Shuffle

Image credits: huckamole

#55 My Brand New Smart TV Just Arrived

Image credits: sizzlekid

#56 Someone In Australia Was Tying Their Shoe When A Fire Bombing Plane Had To Drop Their Load Due To Turbulence

Image credits: nerdroberts

#57 Spent 12 Hours Making “Cinnamon Swirl” Sourdough Bread

Image credits: PiRat314

#58 We Spent Two Hours Walking To A Famous Cave Expecting It To Go Underground And Everything. This Is The Cave

Image credits: ArmitageShanks3767

#59 Dropped This After Buying Today. Put It All Back In, Stood On A Pin, Dropped It Again

Image credits: MrVilborg

#60 It Was 0530, I Didn’t Know Whether To Laugh Or To Cry

Image credits: TheRimOfTheWorld

#61 Went To Hang A Shelf And Hit A Water Line Instead Of A Stud

Image credits: chicoquadcore

#62 The Worst Pain Imaginable

Image credits: muukun_doritosu

#63 Dropped My Full Can Of Tuna In The Drain

Image credits: CheesecakeGlock

#64 Perks Of Having Red Hair: Free Cancer

Image credits: jessesewell

#65 Really Wanted Pizza, Fell Asleep

Image credits: snailfrymccloud17

#66 I Got This As My Fortune Few Days After I Got Diagnosed With Alopecia Areata (Bald Spots)

Image credits: btstonymontana

#67 Pulled Up Next To A Truck At The Store, And Well

Image credits: Spencer94

#68 Built A Brand New House And The Day Of Final Inspection Come To Find Its Infested With Mold

Image credits: slothyio

#69 Our Dog Peed Down The Entire Hallway Today

Image credits: Rob_Ardowney_Jr

#70 Waited 5 Hours In Line For My Drivers Test, Got To The Front Only To Tell Me That They’ve Reached The Maximum Amount Of Tests For The Day – 16

Image credits: iAmWaluigi

#71 Wonderful Sight To Come Home To After A Month Away

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#72 So Much For Changing The Battery

Image credits: Astrofluke

#73 My Wife Has Has Been On Hold For Nearly 4 Hours Trying To Get Through To Her Insurance Company, Has Yet To Speak To An Representative

Image credits: free_30_day_trial

#74 I Have 4 Exams In The Next 2 Weeks. I Have To Buy A Replacement Online As Shops Don’t Have It. Soonest I Can Receive One For Shipping Is 15 Days From Now

Image credits: beanie_laddie

#75 So My Brother Made A “Prank” And Did This. We Don’t Have A Key

Image credits: El_Garu_

#76 My College Labs Have Been Canceled Until Further Notice. And I Was Not Included On The Mass Text. No Wonder There’s No One Here

Image credits: firemaster

#77 Even Though There Were Parking Spots Closer To My Apartment, Not Under A Tree, I Chose To Park Further Away And Let Someone Else Get A Better Spot

Image credits: XJay_LuxX

#78 In Three Days, My Phone’s Mic Stopped Working, My Headphones Broke And My Laptop Died

Image credits: ThosePixels

#79 Got Something In My Eye Seconds Before My Interview. Enjoyed Crying Out Of One Eye During The Interview

Image credits: AVA_NAVI

#80 My Friend Forgot To Check His Underwear Before Putting It On

Image credits: animasci_

#81 Great Start To My Day. Enjoy

Image credits: _codythecreator_

#82 Bought My First Home From An Estate Sale. Previous Owners Stole The Toilet After Final Walkthrough

Image credits: stylishjoker1439

#83 Well, Damn

Image credits: qNathanbee

#84 So, Got My Shiny New Tablet On Monday – Delivered With Care From FedEx

Image credits: Stromberg-Carlson

#85 What Could Go Wrong With Having A Bird Advisor

#86 Well This Is An Awkward Situation

Image credits: TheOneAndOnlyBoatyMcboatface

#87 Oof

Image credits: Real2KInsider

#88 Girlfriend Spent 2 Years On This, Only To Discover One Piece Missing

Image credits: Clammyjar

#89 Spending $6,000 Because Some Idiot Who Built This House Cheaped Out And Used PVC For Part Of The Water Main

Have to get a whole new water main installed, also facing a $1,000+ water bill due to wasted water

Image credits: Sohcahtoa82

#90 Yesterday

Image credits: KidFlashj11

#91 I Just Found Out This Isn’t Me. My Parents Never Took Out The Stock Photo And It’s Been There For Like Ten Years

Image credits: Pugrito-815

#92 It’s So Hot In Australia, Our Outdoor Lights Melted

Image credits: disnerdbeth

#93 The Dinner My Husband Was Cooking For 3 Hours

Image credits: UnluckyDayOfMe

#94 Spilled Bleach On My New Black Pants

Image credits: that1legend

#95 Not As Bad As The Guy Who Traveled To See The Golden Gate Bridge, But This Is My Wife And I At The Highest Point On Skyline Drive, Overlooking The Majestic Shenandoah Valley

Image credits: anarchistchiken

#96 Bad News About That Custom Mask Of My Own Face That I Ordered. I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

Image credits: hhhhhhhillary

#97 2020 In One Picture

Image credits: PHON3-BOi

#98 Went Hiking For The First Time In A While. My Hiking Boots Are Just As Out Of Shape As I Am

Image credits: Terrapin72

#99 Too Much Pain

Image credits: kissshot51

#100 Turns Out There Was Still Pressure In The Line

Image credits: guardian_ares

#101 My Dad Before And After He Noticed He Was Caught By A Black Box

Image credits: Radstylerap

#102 Accidentally Texting Your Religious Aunt Instead Of Your Boyfriend

Image credits: acidfart0101

#103 After Losing 1/3rd Of My Weight, I Finally Didn’t Feel Too Fat Anymore. The Toilet Disagreed

Image credits: Mayungi

#104 You Ever Mess Up Burgers So Bad That Even Your Grill Is Surprised?

Image credits: Bloodycrabs

#105 No Explanation Needed

Image credits: IRatherChangeMyName

#106 I Got This Bread From Whole Foods. More Like Hole Foods

Image credits: igothitbyacar

#107 Ordered A 12$ Salad

Image credits: maariadess

#108 My Lush Bath Bomb Just Makes It Look Like A Tub Filled With Pee

Image credits: anxiousbearofpolar

#109 Keys Stolen From My Lunch Bag, Picked My Own Ignition

Image credits: realmendrinkmead

#110 Saved Up Enough Money To Order A Nintendo Switch From Walmart+ And The Box Arrived Empty

Image credits: YouDontTellMe

#111 I Fell, Cup Stuck The Landing But Broke Underneath

Image credits: maxhav

#112 I Turned The Wrong Stove Burner On And Exploded My Made From Scratch Pumpkin Pie

Image credits: TheGidget007

#113 My Toothbrush

Image credits: Gavator2345

#114 Great Hangover

#115 Found This Outside. Someone’s Day Will Be Ruined

Image credits: Fay_B

#116 I F****d Up

Image credits: Murican_Freedom1776

#117 Purchased A New Bed With A Free Adjustable Frame. I Didn’t Know It Came With Bed Bugs. Thanks, Mattress Firm

Image credits: ZonaBogie

#118 Acquired Myself A Third Knee After A Wasp Sting

Image credits: be_x_cks

#119 This Vet Trip Is Off To A Bad Start

Image credits: MiddleFroggy

#120 Our Shower Door Silently Self-Destructed While We Slept

Image credits: OddGuyOuttaSight

#121 All I Wanted Was A Glass Of Wine After A Hard Day. Now I Have To Clean What Looks Like A Murder Scene

Image credits: ramblingroze

#122 Ladies And Gentlemen. A Great Welcome

Image credits: 1scottishbanter

#123 The Roomba Ran Over Our Dog’s Poop

Image credits: rayraymickamay

#124 Got Up This Morning And Went To Have A Shower

Image credits: reddit.com

#125 Opened Up A New Package Of Butter While Making Dinner And All Of Them Had Mold

Image credits: emack2199

#126 Went Camping, Set A New Bug Bite Record

Image credits: Donalds_neckfat

#127 Ramen: Microwave For 4 Minutes On High Power. Follow Me For More Great Recipes

Image credits: Tardigrade7point0

#128 Door Was Jammed Form Inside So Phoned A Guy To Repair It. He Managed To Open It, Left His Tools Outside, Came Inside And Shut The Door. Now We’re Both Stuck

Image credits: moghees

#129 I Am An Asian That Finally Used The Iris Recognition Technology On His Phone

Image credits: aFriendlyAlien

#130 Cut Myself Shaving This Morning And Must Have Opened It Back Up

Image credits: 1101000101000010

#131 Gravity Wins. But I Live To Trip Another Day

Image credits: Shaneblaster

#132 Prepared Cinnamon Toast Crunch In The Dark. It Was Cheez-Its

Image credits: songbird808

#133 Went Out On A Boat Without Sunscreen Today And Now I Have What I Am Calling “The Bib Of Pain”

Image credits: Whitefence227711

#134 Cost Of Sugar In Rural Alaska. The 10# Bag Of Flour Next To It Is $32

Image credits: AdriftAlchemist

#135 Please Ensure All Vehicles Are Removed From The Parking Lot For Paving. – Management

Image credits: BrettTheThreat

#136 It’s So Windy In Saskatchewan, Canada Today My Neighbor’s Grass Almost Blew Away

Image credits: shodgson17

#137 Press F

Image credits: AtrocityVendorr

#138 Been Saving For A 4k TV For Months. Finally Could Afford One Today. Turned It On

Image credits: Liamman01

#139 Somebody Forgot To Close The Door Of Their Truck Last Night

Image credits: Jimmyboon

#140 That Was Loud

Image credits: JunkMale975

#141 My Brother Left His Phone On My Mom’s Car. This Is The Result After He Found It On The Freeway The Next Day

Image credits: sk8terboi44

#142 Got A Covid Test Today. The Line Was So Long I Was Able To Watch Avengers Infinity War And Some Of Endgame (Over 3-Hour Wait)

Image credits: X360NoScope420BlazeX

#143 Got Eloped This Weekend Then Went Out To A Fancy Restaurant To Celebrate. We Asked Our Waiter To Take A Picture Of Us And This Was The Only One He Got

Image credits: SweetPooJones

#144 The Husband Used My Favorite Knife As A Garden Tool

Image credits: ColoradoCrazyChicken

#145 I Ordered A Sandwich On Uber Eats And Got This, Suck For The Person That Ordered This

Image credits: scuttlepuff

#146 There Are 5 Cats At My House. This Is Not One Of Them

Image credits: JayMan505

#147 I’m A UPS Driver. This Was How My Truck Looked On The First Stop Of The Day. It’s Not Even Our Peak Season Yet

Image credits: mbright28

#148 My Fiancé Ordered Lingerie, Website Said Discrete Packaging. Still Live With My Dad

Image credits: danksterman22

#149 After Chugging Down Half My Water Bottle That I Keep By My Bed, I Felt Something Solid Enter My Mouth, Which I Immediately Spat Back Into The Bottle

I went to the sink and poured it out – it was a cockroach. I now am gargling mouthwash non-stop. It’s friggin 6 am on a Monday.

Image credits: Puglord_Gabe

#150 My Cooked Just Done Ready To Eat Macaroni

Image credits: Candiido

#151 I Poured Beef Broth Into The Crook Pot As The Last Ingredient For My Homemade Chili And Out Came Mold

Image credits: hannahtaylor_

#152 Some Escalator Technician Had Their Day Completely Ruined

Image credits: porneyes

#153 Life Sure Has A Sick Sense Of Humor

Image credits: mattyanthony

#154 Ran Out Of Gas On A Highway. A Fine Lad Stopped And Gave My An Empty Canister. There Is No Gas Stop In Sight. It’s Gonna Be A Long Day

Image credits: feelsBAR

#155 Quarantine Has Been Rough On My Hair

Image credits: xxdoomkitty

#156 My Smoke Detector Is Leaking Balsamic Vinegar. Because The Landlords Baby Knocked Over A Huge Bottle Of The Stuff, And It Poured Into The Vent System

So now we have balsamic vinegar dripping out of everything.

Image credits: ohheyhihellothere25

#157 Colleague Definitely Drew The Short Straw On Email Naming Conventions

Image credits: JonnyHF

#158 Apparently, Single-Use Chopsticks Can Break Metal

Image credits: Gae_Ping

#159 I Ordered A Happy Sad Octopus, Both Sides Came Sad

Image credits: JackLlewellyn2

#160 “I Almost Burnt My House”

#161 Wanted To Save Money By Repairing The Microwave Myself It Slipped My Hands While Unmounting It And Broke The Glass Top

Image credits: biryanilove22

#162 Weather Patterns Don’t Care What Kind Of Car You Drive

Image credits: Arsenicrenegade

#163 I’m A Tattoo Artist, The Last Tattoo I Did Was The Number 13 On A Client’s Ankle. The Next Day I Broke Both Of My Ankles

Image credits: _puddinghead

#164 PS5 Gets Delivered Today And I Just Happen To Break My Thumb

Image credits: Ta2punk

#165 Dammit

Image credits: Hades43A

#166 Wife Attempted To Organize/Clean Out The Bathroom Closet. She Put One Of The Baskets Too Close To The Edge

Image credits: Scoli85

#167 I Spilled Boiling Ramen On My Hand, I Tried To Fight The Pain And Hold Onto The Bowl, I Lost That Fight. It Was My Last Packet. Burnt Hand, Broken Bowl, No Ramen For Lunch

Image credits: FlyGuy1240

#168 My Candle Had An Accident On My New Carpet

Image credits: PixelNoises