|| HAT’S REFLECTION || by Bruno Soares

|| HAT’S REFLECTION || by Bruno Soares

Standing there, looking into his mirror, reflecting!
Always there, the hat reflected on how today everything changes so fast in this world, how we may be going so fast that we don’t even have time to think about it.

There I too was that day, equally looking into the mirror, seeing the Hat, while he surprised me with his thoughts!
And also I reflected on the beauty that sudden changes can sometimes have, and how I was there to slowly enjoy them!

And why did I reflect that? Simply because I am in Iceland!

As I stared at a clear sky at sunset, my mind slowly told me to think of that night on the possibility of once again having before me the beauty of the Northern Lights dancing all over the sky, and how that night they would join both Hat and me to reflect on the lake!

Then suddenly, as I was looking for the best place to capture all these reflections so that I could be amazed once again that night, the clouds began to appear out of nowhere, the colours began to lend their beautiful tones to the sky and I was like: “There is a paradox in all this, and it’s just awesome!” So today, I try to live as slowly as possible, just trying to find all the beauty this fast-moving world can have!
And in Iceland, I find this beauty every day, which is why I love it so much!

Maybe I’m the Hat? or both? Who knows?

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