54 ‘Real Life Plot Twist’ Stories That People Submitted For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

The man, the comedian, the legend, Jimmy Fallon is at it again. This time, the host of The Tonight Show turned to his social media fans and asked them to share their real-life plot twists. They’re hilarious, they’re surprising, and they’re as twisty as a Slytherin’s moral compass and British crinkle-crankle walls.

We’ve collected some of the best #RealLifePlotTwist Twitter tales for you to enjoy, dear Readers, so have a scroll through. Don’t forget to upvote the ones that caught your attention the most. Have your own plot twists to share from your own lives? We can’t wait to hear them! Make sure to leave a comment or two below for us to find.

The very best responses made it on YouTube. And there’s nothing like seeing something that you posted on social media making it to the big leagues to make you feel special inside.

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Some of us know Fallon only as a late-night TV show host. However, the New Yorker is much, much more than ‘just’ a comedian and entertainer. He has very creative aspirations. He’s a successful published author, having written such blockbuster hits like Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA, Everything Is MAMA, and This Is BABY.

The reason why Fallon focuses on books for families with children is that he’s a father to two girls, Winnie and Franny. For Fallon, family is everything. However, he sometimes shows his love in weird ways, like forcing them to listen to holiday music all year round. It’s a surprise that his dog, Gary, hasn’t joined Rudolph’s crew yet!


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A former senior executive at NBCUniversal, entertainment expert Mike Sington, told Bored Panda in an earlier interview all about late-night TV shows, how the Covid-19 pandemic changed things, and how hosts like Fallon have risen to the challenge, adapting and overcoming the endless problems thrown at them.

Mike explained to Bored Panda that TV show hosts like Fallon use social media to get closer to fans. They engage them, connect to them, and lay the foundations for a relationship. “TV hosts are sourcing material directly from social media because it’s a great way to engage with their audiences and stay connected with them.”


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According to entertainment expert Mike, each of our favorite shows has a host of writers working on the material. So there’s no lack of content whatsoever. However, “nothing can top the personal, and often very funny, contributions of the fans themselves.” The personal experiences that people provide can add that extra oomph that turns a good show into a great one. And fact really is stranger than fiction in some cases.


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It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic and the endless lockdowns, rules, and regulations have completely rewritten how we function in society. Its effect on the entertainment industry has been powerful as well. Hosts have been forced to adapt as the audiences they knew and loved left the studios and tuned in only remotely.


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However, Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider Mike believes that late-night hosts have done an amazing job at coming to terms with the new circumstances, no matter that some people believe that the energy of the shows themselves has changed. Fallon and the other hosts are, in Mike’s opinion, heroes who were forced to adapt to the new normal just like everyone else.


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“I commend the late-night hosts for soldering on during this months-long lockdown. So many people are isolated and alone now, and they are welcome and familiar faces we can safely bring into our homes,” the expert shared.

“I would even say what they have been doing over the past several months has been somewhat heroic because it hasn’t been easy for them. They knew early on though, the need was there, and they stepped up to the challenge,” Mike told Bored Panda.


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Mike said that, in his personal and professional opinion, the material that the late-night hosts have been putting out has been top-notch. And an improvement over what we saw in pre-pandemic times.


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“I think their material has been better than ever. Over the past year, there’s been a wealth of material in the news to utilize. The energy is there, but it’s a bit different. They’ve had to adjust to trying times and having no audience, but have done so admirably.”


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It’s not just wishful thinking, though. Mike pointed out to us that the ratings for the shows have been doing great which means that the new approach had been working. “What they’re doing is paying off in the ratings which have been stronger than ever. They’ve been providing much-needed comfort and familiarity that people are craving now.”


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Which real-life plot twist was your favorite, dear Pandas? Did any of these genuinely catch you unaware (we know a lot of these got us!)? Got any fun stories with shocking surprises that you’d like to share with us and all of the other Pandas? Well, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say, so reach out to us and the Bored Panda community with a friendly comment.


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