Prelude by Leonardo Papèra

Prelude by Leonardo Papèra

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Time to share.. Something. This is kinda of a “prelude” of what’s coming.
In the meantime though, I feel like I need to show you something from the trip, so this is it. This is the first photo I want to share, for so many reasons.

It was my first time at the volcano, the day after I ended my quarantine. Well, to be precise, it was my second time: on that day I decided to hike back and forth twice, the first time around lunch time just to witness the volcano and the second time at sunset to see it when the light fades away. I was tired, I sat down on the hill for like three hours in the snowstorm and strong winds, I was shaking like a leaf. Despite all of this, I decide to fly that noisy little thing that we commonly call drone; a risky decision, given the bad weather and the fact that I could barely move my hands. I actually think that flying a drone in freezing temperatures is probably a punishment for what we have done in our past lives. That’s the only possible explanation. Oh, and I’m sorry for those who heard me swear non-stop for like 20 minutes.

Anyway, even before starting the flight, I already knew the kind of composition I wanted, so as soon as I manage to lift that thing off the ground I fly straight to the spot I had in mind: boom. It was right as I imagined it: an immense river of lava leading towards the sunset. Sort of.

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