Dawn at Niagara Falls by Renee

Dawn at Niagara Falls by Renee

Got up at 3:30am, headed to Niagara Falls for sunrise… I normally started from near Horseshoe Falls location to far away to it. It was opposite this time. So, I got the wide-angled photo first. I did not use LEE 10 stop filter but made the camera settings to get the longer exposure time. The waterfalls were strong, you can see the silky LE effects even in 1~2 seconds exposure. This one was 4 seconds exposure time.

Left side: US; You can see the road and their observation location; you can also see the little birds on the bottom (white dots).

Right side: Canada; Top is “Table Rock Welcome Centre”; Bottom is the observation platform.

The time frame for best sunrise light was short, I run from one location to another one in the long walking path ;))

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