For some time now that we haven’t gone to our much-loved landscape photography sessions! And that day promised a good one!

But that sunset was going to be magical, we were saying along the way! Quickly we would arrive at a beach that is so great in beauty, as it surprises us on every visit.

Once again, we already knew it; we would have to be creative in that idyllic location! This time, the tide had brought the sand and made it seem empty even with the high tide.

We started to compose in different perspectives than usual because that was how we felt that the memories of that day would be eternalized. And frustration came because the sun that had seemed so promising wanted to leave without pomp and circumstance that day …

Everything collapsed around us; everything looked ugly and without joy. We felt abandoned and alone …

But, always together, we decided to continue there.

I was looking at that lonely rock in front of me, separated by the sea from others looking to be her family. At that moment, after the sun shyly said goodbye, tones that only exist in dreams started to appear before my eyes!!

And it was at that exhilarating moment as I was admiring all that array of colours around me that I realized.
The sea was not segregating that rock from her family! He was trying, with his perseverance, to bring that beautiful rock near its own through its dragging and enveloping waves.

Bruno Soares: Photos