79 Horribly Designed Things That Are Injuries Waiting To Happen

Design is meant to eliminate problems. To make our lives easier. However, that’s not always the case. Even though safety should be a key component when making any type of product, sometimes it falls out of the manufacturing equation and the consumer gets a hazard instead. And something to submit to the subreddit r/DangerousDesigns.

Created in 2014, this online community now has over 140K members, constantly sharing pics of exactly what its name suggests. Whether it’s a questionable architectural solution or misleading packaging, over the years they’ve amassed quite the collection! Continue scrolling and check out some of the most popular posts on the subreddit.

#1 Cursed_airbag

Image credits: Tyhg1231_YT

#2 Was Looking For A Budget Mattress When I Saw This…

Image credits: SeeSeaSerene

#3 Staircase Beautified With Loose Boulders And A Broken Pelvis

Image credits: SteveCalloway

#4 I Love My Country, But Sometimes…

Image credits: 404_GravitasNotFound

#5 Almost Did It, Too

Image credits: Adecker100

#6 Couldn’t Get A Good Seat? Risk Your Life Trying To Watch The Game!

Image credits: tdalbert

#7 Food Aid Packages And Cluster Bombs, Both Dropped On Afghanistan In 2001

Image credits: Chamale

#8 Every Chair In This Resort Fits Through The Deck, And The Majority Of People Who Stay Here Are Seniors

Image credits: emugamer222

#9 This 1930s Design Let You Hang Your Baby Over The Side Of A Building In A Cage

Image credits: Honeyontoast123

#10 Branding Is Everything

Image credits: sfxnesh476

#11 In The 1930s You Could Buy Artificial Snow Made Out Of 100% Asbestos

Image credits: philms

#12 Similar Design, One Can Kill And One Tastes Good

Image credits: 67tap

#13 Get A Bone Broken Every Time You Slide Down

Image credits: GrantScib

#14 Guess It’s Back To Good Ol’ Drunk Driving

Image credits: mckenziedenisee

#15 The Cannonball Loop Waterslide, A Slide So Dangerous It Was Shutdown Almost Immediately After Opening

Image credits: metricrules

#16 Warning Label Inside A Helmet I Received When We Rented 4-Wheelers

Image credits: jswa8

#17 It’s Fine, Nothing To Worry About

Image credits: The-Doulingo-Owl

#18 This Train Track

Image credits: AH50

#19 I Mean The Potential Is There

Image credits: Wafflestompingpro

#20 Uhh Yea

Image credits: R4553

#21 Time For A Nice Refreshing Drink Of… Oh

Image credits: zekkybrick

#22 Sorry, Wheelchair Users!

Image credits: dancingpianofairy

#23 Not A Fan Of That Projector

Image credits: IN4CIO2007

#24 I Love The New No Stop Exit They Put Up At Our Corner Gas Station, You Don’t Even Have To Stop To Exit

Image credits: bluesqueblack

#25 This Will Probably Work Out Just Fine For Bicycles…

Image credits: Oskar2705

#26 Bruh

Image credits: abyigit

#27 You Cant Quite See But Right Above It There Is A Wall

Image credits: Isaac007USA

#28 Seems Legit…

Image credits: Phrastou

#29 This Bike Track In Zagreb, Croatia

Image credits: Roko911

#30 Leaving Your Child In The Car Here

Image credits: Molle2804

#31 This Hair Bleach…

Image credits: Antoan565

#32 We’ll See

Image credits: Kombatgirl

#33 This Warm Tent

Image credits: notgoingnow

#34 This 1955 Device For Smoking A Whole Packet Of Cigarettes At Once

Image credits: Nightstar95

#35 Not Sure If Its Dangerous But I Think It Is

Image credits: Isaac007USA

#36 God Forbid You Have A Baby Or A Little Dog

Image credits: NeogeneRiot

#37 This Architect Accidentally Built A Death Ray That Melts Cars And Fries Eggs… Again

Image credits: badsalad

#38 For $25 You Can Turn Your Yard Into A Death Trap… Don’t Trip

Image credits: ozarkmarshall

#39 Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?

Image credits: TheLoneGinger9

#40 That Would Explain Why My Ankle Hurts

Image credits: SpawnerMaster04

#41 Soap That Looks Like Apple Sauce

Image credits: Zach5585

#42 Dear God…

Image credits: diabirdfrance

#43 Does This Count

Image credits: jakop2

#44 Almost Pulled A Michael Scott While Delivering Groceries Today

Image credits: Samxvalle

#45 Stairwell In A Hotel I Stayed In

Image credits: Hun10dog

#46 Razor Thing Brake Lights On The 5n. Extremely Difficult To See In Broad Daylight

Image credits: awkotacos

#47 Poor Guy

Image credits: GinormousNut

#48 May Have Been Posted Before But This Is Pure Insanity

Image credits: Timmymac1000

#49 “Swallow”

Image credits: Floraist

#50 Hmm?

Image credits: awakening137

#51 This Handicapped Ramp With Jump At The End

Image credits: kaiserwilhelm1919

#52 That’s How I Broke My Leg

Image credits: Dis-Man-8

#53 Dangerous-Design

Image credits: Baylee_Jae

#54 Imagine Trying To Turn The Radio Up And You End Up Going Backwards On The Highway…

Image credits: Abadkhan23

#55 Grandma’s Last Ride

Image credits: CaptainAutismo123

#56 On The Floor Of Doctor’s Office. If You Trip On It, You’re In The Right Place

Image credits: saya_doge

#57 Children’s Playground In 1912

Image credits: robabl

#58 Hope You Aren’t Diabetic

Image credits: anotherguy252

#59 Super Fruity… Kneadable Erasers. Each One Has A Different Fruit Smell. Sold At Elementary School Book Fair

Image credits: abbellomy

#60 Don’t Leave Your Purse Unattended With Your Kids…

Image credits: OhSeeThat

#61 Find The Shower

Image credits: CHRBNC

#62 Wheelchair X-Games?

Image credits: -DarknessFalls-

#63 I Think We’ve Hit A Wall Here Guys

Image credits: robertrath82

#64 This Action Figure

Image credits: STR4NGE

#65 I See No Problem

Image credits: fjcaetano

#66 I’m 6 Feet Tall And This High Voltage Line That Is Almost Invisible At Night Was Getting Closer And Closer To My Head

Image credits: Anonymous-live

#67 This Spike In My Shower Just Waiting To Catch Me Slipping

Image credits: MrMotorcycle94

#68 This New Candy!

Image credits: MinorCredibility

#69 It Looks Nice Sure, But I Didn’t Even Know That Was A Real Extinguisher

Image credits: ScrigglesBlaze

#70 Let’s Blow Water Into The Socket!

Image credits: PandaViren

#71 Let’s Put That In The Middle Of The Sidewalk…

Image credits: Jupiter_Explodes

#72 These Obstacles Are Almost Invisible On The Bike Lane

Image credits: Toloplot

#73 Lactose Intolerance

Image credits: Alexandria_Scott

#74 Stocking Juice Next To Dishwasher Detergent At Walmart

Image credits: TheEpicWaffleOC

#75 Park At Your Own Risk. Explain Spontaneous Combustion To Your Insurance Company

Image credits: treeziebreezieBU2FL

#76 Oh No

Image credits: Chriss899

#77 Found This

Image credits: FordCobalt

#78 Go Ahead, Spend The Taxpayers’ Dollars On A “Decorative Circle” In The Middle Of An Intersection. What Could Go Wrong?

Image credits: Ohmbatek

#79 Is Your Shower Wiring Up To Code? No? Yeah, We Didn’t Think So

Image credits: BoogersMcD