67 People Who Got Some Of The Most Ridiculous Food Servings In The Restaurant Business (New Pics)

We Want Plates is a community of both regular people and dedicated foodies who are joining their forces to make restaurants serve food on actual plates, not on bits of wood and roof tiles. To do so, they are shaming all the ridiculous food presentations they are receiving online, and their crusade has made them quite famous.

Founded in 2015 by Ross McGinnes, We Want Plates already has 157K followers on Twitter, 100K on Facebook, and 30K on Instagram. However, the biggest unit of their army is located on Reddit — over 650K troops. I think it’s safe to say that the growth of the project is a pretty good indication that restaurants should think twice before serving cured meat on a bone or pouring a cocktail into a baby bottle. At least I hope so.

More info: wewantplates.com | Facebook | Instagram |Twitter | Reddit

#1 My Cocktail Came In A Box

Image credits: Sanchezq

#2 Caesar Salad Or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Image credits: nonsonosvizzero

#3 Please Take A Charcuterie And Have A Seat

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 The Chips Come In A Rock

Image credits: clarkkent34

#5 This Is A Take Out Dish – Diners Were Instructed To Plate Like This At Home. Part Of A $115 Tasting Menu

Image credits: TheDefaultUser

#6 Espresso… To Go

Image credits: Vitou-Galeno-131

#7 Cocktail Bathtub Complete With Rubber Ducky

Image credits: edgarhl091

#8 Turns Out The Best Plates Are At Arm’s Reach

Image credits: pophya

#9 Why

Image credits: piper2112

#10 Japan…

Image credits: MakeMeTea

#11 Nachos On A Rusty Bin Lid

Image credits: mrwringe

#12 Venison Cubes On A Deer Antler (Was Actually Incredible)

Image credits: dayda

#13 My Cocktail Was Caged Because What If It Flies Away

Image credits: spandexmatch

#14 Beignets Growing On A Tree

Image credits: jeng52

#15 What A Time To Be Alive

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#16 Served In An Ashtray

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Yes, I Would Like Your “Mini Corn Dogs On A Ceramic Decorative Pillow” Please

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Chocolate “Horse Turd” Truffles On A Manure Fork. Just No

Image credits: pacingpilot

#19 Fancy Chicken Tendies

Image credits: calypso1215

#20 Syphon Tower Of Onion Rings

Image credits: BettydelSol

#21 Found On Yelp & Now I Don’t Want To Stay At This Hotel Anymore

Image credits: essteekc

#22 This Pizza Being Served On A Slice Of Tree

Image credits: AfroHorse-2

#23 Fish And Chips On Paper

Image credits: virtualcurrency21

#24 My Smoked Tuna Tataki Came In A Jar

Image credits: The_Cheesy

#25 Whats Up With All Of This Food On Your Hand Trend?

Image credits: vitorgj

#26 Blood Pancakes In A Mask…

Image credits: louiseverard

#27 Full Breakfast In A Jar

Image credits: putenschtinken87

#28 “Waiter, I Prefer My Pie To Be At Least 9 Inches Off The Table”

Image credits: Froyo3652

#29 Onion Soup In An Onion Bowl

Image credits: -c0smo

#30 Gravy In A Urinal

Image credits: TheBrontosaurus

#31 This? Oh, It’s Just An Orthodontic Mould Of The Restaurant-Owner’s Mouth From Barcelona

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#32 “Our Environmentally Friendly Tempura Is Made With Sustainable Seafood And Vegetables, Harvested In Ways That Consider The Long-Term Well-Being Of Our Precious Land And Oceans.”“Wonderful! How’s It Served?”“On A Large Polystyrene Block.”

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#33 “Would You Like Some Bread While You Wait?””I’m Forty-Eight Years Old.”

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#34 “Chef, I’ve Defrosted The Freezer And Put Out The Recycling.”“That’s It!”“Chef?”“I’ve Had An Idea For The Red Bull Sorbet.”

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#35 “Here’s Your Beef Wellington Starter. Is There Anything Else I Can Get You?”“Tetanus Shot, Please.”

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#36 I Didn’t Get A Plate But At Least My Steak Will Be Vaccinated

Image credits: ImaginationEast1921

#37 Steak Which You Cook On A Concrete Brick

Image credits: Genes11s

#38 Technically There Is A Plate…

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 That Is Butter On A Rock. Why?

Image credits: kellyasksthings

#40 This Is Not How I Want My Biriyani To Be Served!

Image credits: bazeqirat

#41 I Wouldn’t Even Want To Reach The Fried Rice At That Point

Image credits: airwrexa

#42 Repeat After Me, Hub Caps Are Not Plates

Image credits: RainCityK9

#43 Please Stop

Image credits: flossiesauce

#44 Parsnip, Sprout And Swede Wellington, Served On An Afro Comb. As You Do

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#45 Want A Fishbowl Cocktail But Still Remain Classy? I Present To You, Suitcasebowl

Image credits: OctaviousNI

#46 At A 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Three Small Plates Pls

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 Tacos On A Log

Image credits: Tintus

#49 My Friend Sent This To Put On Reddit, Located In Indonesia

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 ”sausage And Mash, Please.”“Pint?”“Just A Half, I’m Driving.”

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#51 “Siri, It’s International Gin And Tonic Day. Show Me The Worst Ways Gin And Tonic Has Ever Been Served.”

Image credits: wewantplatesofficial

#52 Charcoal Waffle Eggs Benedict On A Shovel In Barcelona

Image credits: OrionBlueWaltz

#53 Cocktails In The Wild… Manhattan Served On A Rock With A Side Of Dirt And Pine Cone

Image credits: JasonMomoasScrunchie

#54 Found This Gem On Facebook

Image credits: poopingintheyard

#55 Restaurant In My Area Serving Food In Lunch Boxes

Image credits: bitchsnac

#56 Food From A Shoe

Image credits: Samanthaann126

#57 Casual Shovel Dinner

Image credits: joeroedoepoe

#58 Charcuterie, Anyone?

Image credits: junk_chain

#59 From A Restaurant In Munich, Germany

Image credits: in1987agodwasborn

#60 Eat From Hollowed Out Wood

Image credits: danrad132

#61 All Day Breakfast Served On A Tile, And Soup In A Mug

Image credits: kaykklam

#62 Nothing Says Love Like This Hogs And Kisses Bouquet!

Image credits: konfetkak

#63 My Seaweed Salad Is Apparently A Cocktail Now

Image credits: swampskater

#64 Jimmy Mac’s Campfire Chicken Sandwich On A Hubcap. Complimentary Chefs Hair Under The Chicken

Image credits: CosmicDeathRat

#65 A Brownie In A Tiny Jar

Image credits: pacdude0411

#66 Served On A Moose Antler

Image credits: LurkerLew

#67 How About A Refreshing Cup Of Caesar?

Image credits: Yayotron