“That’s It, I’m Craft Shaming”: 70 Posts About People Who Haven’t Mastered The Art Of DIY

We are often told that undertaking arts and crafts will bring us a sense of fulfillment, positivity, and relaxation. And in times of the worldwide pandemic, this is all we need. So no wonder so many people have tried making something from scratch, whether baking an infamous hedgehog cake or decorating jeans with whatever they found at home.

But even if we, as a society, do encourage getting your hands on things and rocking your inner craftsperson, it doesn’t mean you should just do it. And this humorous, satirical Facebook group called “That’s it, I’m craft shaming.” is precisely an answer to why crafts isn’t for everyone.

Welcome to the not-so-pretty side of the handmade world that often remains hidden behind the tearful expectation vs reality moment. With a whopping 99.4K members, the group is both a horror chamber and a feast for your eyes that collects all the most hideous crafty items found out there.

And for understandable reasons, these questionable gems rarely get to earn a place in a camera roll. Unless it’s strictly for craft shaming purposes.

#1 Well Okay Then

Image credits: Anne Scherbina

#2 DIY

Image credits: Salem Oberyn Shallenberger

#3 Oh. …oh My

Image credits: Ciel Crosbie

That’s it, I’m craft shaming.” is a relatively young private Facebook group created in July 2020, with almost 100k members. The group came about when the world was desperate to figure out where to put their hands as the coronavirus lockdown was implemented around the world.

“Honestly, at some point, we have all come across a post and just thought ‘what the actual heck.’ This is the group for all of those occurrences,” states the group’s description. It invites members to post anything from an “ugly ass wreath” to a “tumbler that looks like it went for a tumble” as long as “it’s handmade, and it’s hideous.”

#4 Button Doll

Image credits: Erin Richardson

#5 Local Playground. No Further Commentary Needed

Image credits: Marisa Aitch

#6 This Makes Me Uncomfy

Image credits: Taylor Dawn Mitchell

So to find out more about the community firsthand, Bored Panda reached out to its moderator team, who were happy to share some insights about the craft shaming online movement.

“The craft shaming group started because a few people were tired of the craft community being dishonest about people’s crafts,” said the mod team representative. “In every crafting group, people would post something so hideous or the words are crooked and it’s for sale and people will tell them it looks nice or they like it and this person ends up selling a subpar product,” they added.

#7 My Daughter Wanted This Dog Cake For Her Birthday. I Am Not Paying $25 When I Can Do It Myself

Image credits: Mariam ElTouny

#8 Saw This On Marketplace. It Is Legit A Paper Boat. Lol

Image credits: Melissa Daly

#9 Found In The Wild On Market Place Handmade Sea Shell “Fountain”

Image credits: Apolonia Neti Gavrilova

So “That’s it, I’m craft shaming.” was created as a satirical response to the overwhelming positivity that surrounds craft communities. “We created an environment where people can be honest with their opinions. It’s not just a place for bad crafts, but also a place to share craft finds that are cool but make you say WTF.”

#10 When Sewing, Always Remember Pattern Placement Is Key

Image credits: Lisa Flores

#11 $45 For Four Cinder Blocks And Two Planks Of Wood? What A Bargain. Can’t Wait To See How It Ships

Image credits: Jenni Wisniewski

#12 My Mom And The Cake She Made For My Sister’s 21st Birthday…. It Was Supposed To Look Like The One On The Left

Image credits: Kristen Underwood

When asked to explain the craftshaming term, the mod team said the word refers to the act of shaming crafts or wanting to exhibit people’s bizarre DIYs. “Some examples of our favorite posts would be the self-shaming posts, the crochet baby, and the badly done resin pieces,” the mod team said.

#13 Sigh. “Macrame”

Image credits: Jen Tylutki

#14 I Think This Qualifies. On My Local Garage Sale Page

Image credits: Jessica Whetten

#15 Enjoy

Image credits: Anthony Ashdown

According to the moderator team, the recent surge in very weird and often tasteless DIY experiments has to do with everyone being eager to sell homemade stuff before reflecting on how good their product is. “I think a lot of crafts from Pinterest fails and people selling their crafts as soon as they get a Cricut. Some people don’t understand that you need practice and time to improve before selling anything,” the spokesperson of the mod team concluded.

#16 I Have No Words…

Image credits: Heather Michelle Morrison-Mikolajczak

#17 No, No, No!!

Image credits: Laura Jane

#18 Just Look At This

Image credits: Antonette Hunt

#19 Found One!

Image credits: Leah Cakes

#20 Y’all

Image credits: Sarah Lanzavecchia

#21 The Caption Says It’s An Elephant, Handmade Out Of Sea Shells. I Thought It Was A Very Weird Raw Chicken

Image credits: Mily Idol

#22 But Why…

Image credits: Justice Aasha Forsythe

#23 Facebook Marketplace Never Disappoints. This Thing Is Clearly Haunted

Image credits: Crystal Marshall

#24 Found In My Local Marketplace Group

Image credits: Jessica Lynn

#25 She Painted Her Couch With House Paint

Image credits: Telia Maree

#26 Is This A Craft? Idk. But I Hate It

Image credits: Katie Solana

#27 Saw This In My Piercing Shaming Group

Image credits: Kristie Gucciardo

#28 This Belongs Here. I Don’t Know The Story Behind The Picture

Image credits: Marion Carter

#29 Just…why?

Image credits: Amy Elkins-Reed

#30 I Paid Real American Dollars To An Etsy “Artist” For This Homemade “Cat” Soap, Meant To Be A Gift For My Daughter. My Daughter Politely Declined. Meow?

Image credits: Sarah Jeffcoat Lindsey

#31 For When You Want Strangers To Stop You And/Or Just Immediately Call The Police For Animal Abuse

Image credits: Jennifer Shaw Reda

#32 I Think I Found One!

Image credits: Jenn Ford

#33 I Mean.. Im Lost For Words

Image credits: Keiron Quinn

#34 An Earlier Post Reminded Me Of This Beauty My Mum Made My Nephew For His Birthday. It’s Supposed To Be Gollum With Eye Of Sauron

Image credits: craftshaming

#35 I Was Leaving The Outlets Here In Orlando The Other Day And Was Parked Near This…… Someone Take Her Glue Gun Away Asap!

Image credits: Aurora Elizabeth McBride

#36 Note Cards

Image credits: Julia Elizabeth Watson

#37 Idk If This Has Made A Debut But I Feel Like This Belongs

Image credits: Kelly Barwick

#38 Astroturf Heels

Image credits: Katie Sue

#39 Well…

Image credits: Jessica Mosley

#40 But Why??

Image credits: Cassandra Schlatter

#41 So I Love Horror Movies As Much As The Next Person And I’m Sorry If This Person Is In This Group But This (Imo) Is Awful. I Don’t Even Have The Words Honestly

Image credits: Tiffanie Lynn Hudson

#42 I Found This In A Consignment Store In Palm Springs Over A Year Ago. I’m Still Confused

Image credits: Katie Schachtsick

#43 I Knew My Front Yard Was Missing Something!

Image credits: Carolyn Kerr

#44 I’ve Never Wanted Spice Tins With Trim But… ?

Image credits: Jamie Richardson

#45 Thanks, I Hate It….

Image credits: Natasha Keller

#46 “Transform The Look Of Your Party” I Mean Does This Even Count, Putting Sandwiches On A Pallet Is A Craft Right?

Image credits: Sophie Naisbitt

#47 Door As Headboard, Found In A Sales Group/Classifieds In The Area I Live In. I Kinda Like The Idea But It Needs To Be Painted Different And More Work Done On It. Horrible Execution Of This Craft Idea. It Looks Like A Door Right Off The Hinges

Image credits: Anastasia Emily Kirby Brinn

#48 I’ve Been Lurking For Awhile And I *think* I Finally Found Something! All I Wanted Was A Succulent. Is This Really A Thing That People Pay For?

Image credits: Megan Mcclellan

#49 Craft Shaming My Self! Who Wouldn’t Want A Great Stuff Bath Bomb!

Image credits: Natalie Wayland- Young

#50 Found On Local Marketplace. Crib Or Death Trap?

Image credits: Sami Ravenscroft

#51 Not Sure How I Feel About These

Image credits: Rachael Craig

#52 I Found One! This Is Supposed To Be Melt And Pour Soap

“My new piece I just made today”

Image credits: Katherine Pickrell

#53 So Is Eomoioloy A Name Now?

Image credits: Amber Kaup

#54 Unique? Nailed It

Image credits: Mandi M. Lynch

#55 I Finally Found One!!! Found This Beauty At The Goodwill Where One Of My Clients Works!! Reminded Me Of The Opossum Several Weeks Back

Image credits: April Bailey

#56 Handmade Beads Anyone? Some Of These Look Like Chewed Gum!

Image credits: Shay Koyama

#57 This Is Horrifying

Image credits: Olive Hall

#58 Found On My Timeline. I’m So Confused

Image credits: Jennifer Dockter

#59 20 Bucks? Nah

Image credits: Sheri Spurlock

#60 Saw This In A Wedding Shaming Group. Apparently It’s Supposed To Be The Bride’s Practice Bouquet For The Rehearsal

Image credits: Brittany Roberts

#61 I Don’t Hate It.. If A Kid Made It. But $24?

Image credits: Jessie M Barrett

#62 This Person Was Looking For Help On Our Local Town Site. I Know Some People Arent Good At Certain Things But Wouldn’t Staggering The Bricks Be The Most Logical Solution To This?? At Least That’s The Consensus Of All The Responses!!

Image credits: Alexandra Wheeler Everett

#63 Ok Maybe Im Just Missing The Aesthetic But Im Really Not Into It Made From Old Neck Tyes. Alot Of People In The Comments Liked It. I Wanted To Like It But… Maybe If The Colors Were Different? Idk Lol

Image credits: Shae Russell

#64 Okay But Why?

Image credits: Eden Wilson

#65 Clay Spoon

Image credits: Kaitlyn Seymour

#66 I Had To Read Comments To Figure Out Its Actually Supposed To Be Something. An Eagle. Its Supposed To Be An Eagle

Image credits: Ellie DeHerrera

#67 Can We As A Collective Stop Being Fake Nice To Our Friends Terrible ‘Crafts’

Image credits: Lindsay Middlepiece Meldrum

#68 What Is This? Like The Bears Are Upside Down And The Mints? So Many Questions???

Image credits: Tracy Lawrence Walters

#69 That Happened To The Arms/Hands?!

Image credits: Molly Anna

#70 Wow! Only $350

Image credits: Wilde Ferris