Endless Suns by Bruno Soares

Endless Suns by Bruno Soares

Looking to the horizon, I see infinite Sunflowers, illuminated by the actual Sun.
Cork oak, in the background, seems to guard all this herd, with a tranquillity that makes me relax!

Out of sight, but very present in my ears, I hear the frenetic buzz of the bees, while they work, tireless, at the end of the day!
Fantastic, the nature that allows us to appreciate what is truly beautiful.

One of the great myths is that the sunflower turns around during the day, facing the Sun. In fact, this does not happen, as the very image I’ve captured proves!

Effectively in some languages, it owes its name to this myth, but in others, owes it to the fact that it actually looks like a Sun drawn through its petals!

After all, regardless of this, we can all agree that it is majestic!

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