39 Movie Franchises That People In This Online Group Believe Should’ve Stopped After The 1st Sequel

If a movie is successful, then it is almost certain that the movie creators will want to make a sequel. But sometimes the creators don’t really know where to stop and keep making more parts if there’s no story left to tell. People often say that the sequels are never as good as the first movie, but Reddit user u/karma_hit_my_dogma wanted to know what movies actually had a good second part but should have stopped there.

The thread was upvoted 47k times and 29k people came to share their opinions. Redditors came to a consensus that Home Alone is the franchise that shouldn’t have been continued after the second movie with 28k people upvoting this comment.

What movies do you think were best left with two parts and do you agree with any of the submissions in this list? Tell us your opinions in the comments and if you find a submission you agree with, don’t forget to upvote it!

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Home Alone.

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The Fast and the Furious franchise.

I mean three was technically a spin off that was alright and then it got even more silly with 4 and so on.

But those first ones were great fun in there time and the first is actually quite a good movie and plot.

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Shrek. There was just no way to beat Shrek 2.

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The Hangover

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Ice Age, probably could have stopped at 1.

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The Night at the Museum.

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The Mummy. The first two focused on ancient Egyptian history & mythology; number 3 suddenly takes place in Asia? Huh?!

You could tell they had to work too hard to make it work from how long it took to introduce us to the new setting.

The cherry on top of that s*** cake was the absence of one Rachel Weiss. Her absence was felt. Don’t get me wrong, Brendon Frasier did great; I blame the writers/ producers/ director. I loved them in the first two! They were so good, spooky, & full of great classic action & comedy; my fav Brandon Frasier movies.

I think Rachel had a scheduling conflict with another movie?

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The Addams Family. Family Values was great. The third one with almost none of the original cast? We don’t talk about that one…

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Preemptively adding Frozen to this list, because I know Disney too well.

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Unpopular opinion: The Matrix. Honestly maybe even after 1.

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Robocop. I loved the first 2, but the third was garbage.

I also didn’t like the remake.

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POV: You are looking for people saying “Sam Raimi’s Spider-man”

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Taken – Decent enough movie. Reminds me of a simpler time when action movies were pretty strait forward and don’t need to be rewatched to be fully understood. That infamous phone scene is pretty iconic.

Taken II – Ok, not bad. Same recipe, different movie. Fine. Good enough. Good Friday night movie when you don’t want to spend to much effort following.

Taken 3 – Why? Why would anyone do this?

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Pitch perfect

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Lol Cinderella. 2 was okay. 3 was… a twist.

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Expendables cause they made 3 PG 13 and not rated R which really affected it all.

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Despicable Me.

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Beethoven, replacing the entire cast for films 3-5 really didn’t work. Even the premise – that Beethoven’s family would have ever left him with another family – didn’t make any sense.

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The Land Before Time!

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The lion king!


Superman with Christopher R

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The sequel is not even out but Boss Baby.

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Sure probably after 1, the second had moments, but after that it became a giant mess and Heather O’ Rourke died.

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Hotel Transylvania


Psycho. I think 2 was a bad idea myself, but it happened and having “what happens to Norman later on” was a fun thing to explore, but 3 and 4 were totally unnecessary and I’m surprised Anthony Perkins signed on.


The Mighty Ducks.

D2 was sooo good, but 3 was just nowhere near the same level.

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Ninja turtles. Secret of the ooze was fun then they got too serious in 3

I tried to watch the reboots but Megan fox has the acting ability of a potato and I had to literally turn it off after 15 minutes

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Karate Kid

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Probably Jeepers Creepers. I was super excited to see a third installment planned and then released after so many years but tbh I was really disappointed. They should have just picked up where the second one left off and maybe implemented flash backs to explain some things. I feel like they tried too hard to give that monster an origin story, the mystery was part of what I loved about the first two.




Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise.

There are currently 11 movies, with another one coming out next year.




The Omen

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The Godfather

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Free Willy, 1 was great, 2 was like ok they caught him again, but 3 was absolutely horrendous, for Willy to be caught on a safari in Africa has to one of the worst story lines ever.