Rumor: the Snapdragon 895 will be fabbed on 4nm Samsung node, the 895+ on 4nm TSMC node

The Snapdragon 865 was fabbed on TSMC’s N7P process (second gen 7 nm), but Qualcomm switched to Samsung foundries when ordering the Snapdragon 888. The Snapdragon 888+ is built on the same Samsung 5 nm node, it’s just a higher-binned part with the Cortex-X1 clocked at 2.995 GHz (up from 2.84 GHz) and the NPU cranked up to 32 TOPS (up from 26 TOPS).

Things will look different next year, says Ice Universe – the Snapdragon 895 will be fabbed by Samsung at its 4 nm node, while the Snapdragon 895+ upgrade will be made at TSMC’s 4 nm foundries instead.

Both are refinements of the respective 5…

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