Perilious Ways by Bruno Soares

Perilious Ways by Bruno Soares

Already very snuggled by the magnanimous Ocean that bathes them since they were still rocks belonging to the cliff that, in the background, continues to resist, they became softer.

Round, of simple beauty, but no less attractive, they stand there, in communion with all that sea!

And from there, while they roll around on the ground wrapped in the water, they observe, like me, a lonely rock on the horizon that we cannot know for sure if it is coming to land, or if, in the unshakable will of any adventure, it is sailing away!

And it was during the moment when I was walking towards those beautiful bold and mossy rocks, that I also realized that not all paths that seem calm, are in reality.

Slippery, they made every step of mine a conscious decision where, every time I took my eyes off them, I quickly found myself in trouble!

In our journey, which is life, we find paths that seem easier or more comfortable, but which are sometimes surprisingly slippery!

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