Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra battery capacities revealed in certifications: 4,500mAh and 5,00mAh

Two batteries from Samsung SDI received 3C certifications and judging by their model numbers, they are headed for the upcoming Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra. Their capacities are almost a perfect match for the ones reported by Ice Universe a couple of weeks ago.

The EB-BS906ABY battery for the Galaxy S22+ has a rated capacity of 4,370 mAh, meaning the typical capacity should be 4,500 mAh. This is a small downgrade from the S21+, which has a 4,800 mAh battery.

The EB-BS908ABY for the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a rated capacity of 4,855 mAh, meaning a typical capacity of 5,000 mAh. This is an exact…

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