Woman Says She Was Attacked By Dark Energy At Gym, Twitter Reacts With 29 Jokes

“I have been a professional medium for 15 and a half years,” said the woman in a one-star review left for a gym that left Twitter crying tears of laughter.

Turns out, the medium found the facility and the instructors just great, but it was something else that left her beyond disappointed. Let’s just say it included dark energy and an ‘assault.’

The now-viral bad review which had its screenshot shared by Gustavo, @yourboygus1 on Twitter, naturally, sparked a sea of reactions. With each one funnier than the last, below you’ll find something that Twitter is notorious for—never missing a chance to crack a smile or two in response to an incident so unusual like this.

This gym-goer, a professional medium, said she was ‘assaulted by dark energy’ when she walked into the studio

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Although she was happy with the gym experience, the dark energy left her so upset that she wrote a one-star review

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After Twitter user @yourboygus1 shared a screenshot on Sunday of the criticism that Lily Worthington-Rowe wrote for a gym in Astoria, Queens, in 2017, Twitter was sent into tears. Laughing.

And people on Twitter couldn’t miss a chance to crack some jokes in response to the review

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In the resurfaced bad review, the woman said that she has been a professional medium for over 15 years and is ‘very sensitive’ to all ‘energy forces.’ Her review stated that she was ‘assaulted by the dark energy radiating from Monica at the front desk,’ leaving people on Twitter soaking in this one-of-a-kind gem that produced some of the funniest meme responses.

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Monica has been hailed as some kind of devilish matter, with people claiming ‘it’s just another layer of bizarre.’ Others even linked Monica with Lou Bega’s ‘Mambo No. 5.’ Another Twitter user suggested hooking Monica up to a power grid since she emits so much energy, basically for free.

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