Texas Woman Shares How Her Landlord Painted Over A Roach And The Internet Responds With These 50 Memes And Jokes

The internet is a wonderful place but also a very strange one. You don’t really know when a photo, video, or post will go viral and you may not understand the reason when it does. For example, it is always a mystery how memes are born because they are often the most random things.

The most recent meme trend on Twitter was a cockroach that was painted over and was mummified in the apartment of Twitter user @chellzyeah. People went crazy and were reposting the tweet with funny captions or their own Photoshopped version of the photo. They were quite hilarious and in this list, you will find the best ones of the thread.

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The tweet was posted by @chellzyeah and to give context to the photo, the person added a caption that read, “my landlord painted over a f*****g roach.” Since September 5 when it was tweeted, the photo has collected 360k likes.

What is more impressive than the amount of likes received is the reaction from Twitter users who let out their creativity and made the picture even more funny than it already is. Some of them just wrote funny comments, but others put a little more effort into it and actually made some edits to the roach.


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For everyone else, it’s an absurdly funny picture, but to the poster, it actually means that there are cockroaches in her house which she recently moved into in the state of Texas, but at least people are having fun, no?

Even @chellzyeah admitted in a follow-up tweet that people really went all in: “really glad everyone is having so much fun with my mummified roommate.”


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But these kinds of situations really show that it’s hard to find a landlord that really cares about their tenant’s living conditions. Not only did this landlord paint over a cockroach, he didn’t care enough to not let them infest the house in the first place. Sadly, people don’t invest that much time or funds or effort into things they don’t need themselves.


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Bored Panda has an article about another wild landlord story which you can find by clicking here. In this article, the protagonist is a tenant who was asked to pay higher rent if she wanted to renew the contract, but she thought that she deserved better and refused. But before heading out, she deliberately moved things around the apartment to showcase what bad conditions she was living in so future tenants would know what they were getting into.


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It is really disgusting to think that this Twitter user has to live with a dead cockroach buried under the paint and possibly other roaches hiding in the corners of their home. However, people saw the bright side and it’s safe to say that they brightened @chellzyeah’s day.

What were your reactions to these memes? Don’t forget to upvote the ones that made you laugh the most and maybe if you came up with something that others didn’t think about when looking at the photo, it would be nice if you sounded it off in the comments!


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