35 Times People Answered Multiple Choice Questions With Just A Simple “Yes”, As Shared In This Online Community

The internet is full of wonderful things. And while there’s heaps upon heaps of knowledge and services to be taken advantage of, it’s the social aspect that’s taking the lead.

As a technological invention, it has managed to give rise to a number of niche things and communities, including the r/InclusiveOR group on Reddit that’s dedicated to sharing moments of inclusiveness that nobody ever expected—when both things apply, despite there being a “choose just one” clause.

Yep, it’s the subreddit that finds situations “when the answer to a question is all of them”, so you’re invited to check out some of the best pictures, screencaps and memes the community has scavenged from the depths of the interwebs over the years.

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#1 I Like Updownvotes

Image credits: rohleder1

#2 Gay Or Anxious

Image credits: CycloneS2002

#3 Pregna’nt

Image credits: kparadocs

#4 I Vote Tail

Image credits: oButterballo

#5 Can’t Believe I’m Going Into Debt For This

Image credits: Rawtoast24

As of this article, not much is known about this niche community. But while it does have a very particular focus—sharing moments of inclusiveness when you’re in an “either-or” situation—it has proven to be quite a large community. Ever since the subreddit’s founding in March of 2018, the community has gained over 228,000 members.

#6 Yes

Image credits: thisiskishor

#7 Petition To Make This The Sub Icon

Image credits: Kuroh_uwu

#8 Coca-Cola Gets It

Image credits: UncleDan21

#9 Hammer/Nothammer

Image credits: Disu7299

#10 Herb Or Skunk??

Image credits: Eyesman1418

As mentioned previously, the community’s posts include a variety of pictures, screencaps, memes and other forms of visual internet media that perfectly capture ambiguity and specificity at the same time.

In particular, when you’re given a situation where you have to choose (or assume) one of two or more options, you choose all of them in good r/InclusiveOR fashion.

Think traffic lights that show both red and green, failing and passing an exam, or “yes” to small, medium, and large fries at a McD’s.

#11 And To Dust I Shall Return

Image credits: TheEdgeOfDawn

#12 Prison Or Broke

Image credits: LordNedNoodle

#13 Oh Yeah

Image credits: Emotineb

#14 Decided To Try Something New On Tinder…

Image credits: Tequilashot360

#15 Alright Then

Image credits: Gods-of-War

Incidentally, the previously mentioned traffic lights, exams, and McDonald’s examples are some of the top-rated posts on the subreddit, having garnered upwards of 20,000 upvotes.

Bored Panda reached out to some of the moderators of the subreddit and is awaiting more information on its community, so stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, keep scrolling, and why not let us know some of your “Inclusive Or” situations in the comment section below!

#16 Monstermatt

Image credits: NotAPoliceOfficer68

#17 Brother Bear>frozen

Image credits: putins-mom

#18 What Would Wolfs Do

Image credits: Voldo_ate_my_sister

#19 Found On Discord

Image credits: edmjunkie6914

#20 Why Is Reddit Obsessed With Hitler

Image credits: The-Memalrilion

#21 Yes

Image credits: Quints98

#22 Small Medium Or Large

Image credits: panfuneral

#23 Yeah

Image credits: shruh

#24 Can’t Outsmart Me

Image credits: expedia69

#25 What Is Luigi’s Safe Word?

Image credits: jsfkmrocks

#26 Is Alladin Set In The Middle East Or India?

Image credits: fortyfivepointseven

#27 They Found A Cat

Image credits: diretilde

#28 Mr. Cleanser Or Dr. Clean?

Image credits: Lorenzo-is-not-dead

#29 Tweet Tweet Goes The Jumbo Jet

Image credits: mleonrivas

#30 Don’t Mind If I Do

Image credits: mickyodell

#31 Doorknob Or Handlebar ? Yes !

Image credits: jmsanzg

#32 My Little Sister Gave Us A Poll…

Image credits: ReesAlvin

#33 Yes

Image credits: DrPhrawg

#34 I’m Very Confused On What This Means

Image credits: Jimbo-Michael-pam

#35 I Also Would Rather Not

Image credits: TheBabiesMafia