Folks In This Online Group Share 35 Photos Of When Language Was Working Against People

Sometimes words don’t come out from our mouths as we intended them to sound. We may stutter or just struggle to say a phrase correctly to the point that nobody can understand what we are trying to say. Such brain farts are often compared to strokes in internet slang. 

Actually, there is a whole subreddit dedicated to such language mishaps that are recorded in written text and it is called ihadastroke. Its description says “typos so bad you would thnk ye havin an stroke” and Bored Panda collected the best posts in the subreddit that reflect the description the most accurately. 

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#1 Toblerone.

Image credits: donnnnnald

The subreddit was created not that long ago in comparison to other bigger ones out there–in 2018. It now has 878k members that are called ‘storks’ and at any given moment there are a few hundred people who have “Lsot therir Spine”, i.e. who are reading the subreddit.

In the rules and guidelines you can find what inspired the creation of the subreddit and it is this video of a boy struggling to form a sentence to transmit the idea he had in his mind. It is also said that “this sub is to post images of text where a person stopped making sense in the conversation.”

#2 Its The Chrismas Month So Lets Recap To Our Favorite Vine

Image credits: aldandnoa

#3 Discord Said It Best

Image credits: MidStick

#4 This Gave Me A Stroke

Image credits: ollebj

The subreddit is not meant to make fun of real strokes in any way. It is explained that “In the context of this sub, ‘stroke’ is meant to be a play on words as someone has failed with their keystrokes.” The creators are serious about this and anything that has to do other than with language mistakes is removed. 

The moderators also try to sift through all the posts and make sure they are not fake and not done purposefully to just post to the subreddit so the photos that are posted would be even more hilarious knowing they are not staged.

#5 Is This A Group Satire Group Real?

Image credits: ajxanman

#6 My Fav T-Shirt!

Image credits: NightmareClasher

#7 Not The Kinda Stroke They’re Hoping For

Image credits: dannypas00

#8 Got Cake

Image credits: sup-b

Ihadastroke became popular very quickly. After a year, it had 200k members already, and a year later, that number grew to 600k. Now it sits with almost 900k storks, so one million is not that far off. 

If you think about it for too long, it will puzzle you more and more why conversations that don’t make sense make people laugh so much and make them join the community. But it’s truly because messing up simple things evokes genuine amusement so such a unique subreddit was bound to be noticed quickly.

#9 Dear Dire

Image credits: mittysy

#10 Um?

Image credits: mmay_a

#11 Aaaaaaa

Image credits: nat714

Even though people on the internet often compare these typos or sentences that just don’t make sense to a stroke just to joke around, it actually happens. Doctors say that it is an early sign of a stroke and it is often called ‘dystexia.’

Language impairment in general can be a sign of a stroke, but now it can be seen not only in speech, but in text too as the part of the brain responsible for language doesn’t get enough blood. That is why talking or writing gibberish is associated with a stroke.

#12 Preschooler Had A Stromk

Image credits: JonathanMichael7

#13 Rocket Peugeot

Image credits: B-oT-w-GoD

#14 N U G G E T

Image credits: [deleted]

What do you think of this list? Do you find these kinds of conversations or texts and signs funny? Share your reactions in the comments and upvote the submissions that made you laugh the most. Also, if you have any relevant photos to share, we would love to see them! 

#15 Wot

Image credits: karthikher

#16 Hm… Good Advice

Image credits: [deleted]

#17 I Dunno Can You??

Image credits: baintheremarriedthat

#18 What

Image credits: szxphy

#19 Got This Youtube Ad About A Year Ago. I Still Wonder To This Day How This Came To Be

Image credits: LosBraydos

#20 Poor Alan

Image credits: ShookAsAhandAtMass

#21 Whaaaaaa…

Image credits: StormyNight17

#22 How When Me The What Is You

Image credits: Loududie

#23 Ummmm… Okay???

Image credits: BlueTiger09

#24 Just Incase You Were Curious How Granny Smith Apples Got Their Name.

Image credits: Richiealan

#25 Jesus

Image credits: crypers1999

#26 I Had A Stroke Trying To Decipher This Redneck Code

Image credits: DustyMagoo1

#27 Wanna Roast Maeshmolowa’s?

Image credits: TheMajesticDeer

#28 Waffles??

Image credits: XGN_Carter1

#29 The Person Who Made This Label Had A Stroke From Smoking

Image credits: Clusterferno

#30 Scohol

Image credits: xeenamos

#31 I Will Make My Water Drink Whatever I Want It To

Image credits: Yuri_Nikiforov

#32 Bow Down To The Lord Himself

Image credits: LordRaisinBran

#33 Yeah This Is Big Brain Time.

Image credits: TheActualKyle4567

#34 When God Did What Now?

Image credits: quebecformallplaces

#35 Took Me A Second

Image credits: _michc