53 Tragic Hair Accidents That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day, As Shared On This Online Group (New Pics)

From star-studded celebrities to regular bamboo-munching Pandas like us, many of us have been there—praying that our hair regrows faster, cuz the haircut we just got is so horrendous, we’re ashamed to leave the house. Hide the mirrors, get out your hats, things are going to be difficult for a while.

That’s where the ‘Just [Fudge] My [Stuff] Up’ subreddit comes in. Though we can’t mention the full name of the online group (thank you, stop words), the community itself is brilliant! They celebrate the very worst haircuts “from all walks of life,” and odds are that their latest pics will make you feel very good about your current haircut in comparison, no matter how self-conscious it made you feel before.

As you’re scrolling down, upvote the haircuts that you personally thought were the worst, dear Pandas. Don’t forget to let us know which ones you loved to hate and hated to love the most in the comments! And if you ever need some more inspiration about what not to do and what not to ask for at the hairdresser’s, check out Bored Panda’s previous feature about the JFMSU subreddit right here.

#1 Came Home From Work This Evening To See That My Wife Gave My Kid A Karen Cut

Image credits: Cory0527

#2 Double Trouble Time

Image credits: SecureDeBagAlert

#3 My Wife Took My 4 Year Old Son To A Barber Shop

Image credits: Hshatara

The JFMSU subreddit grew from 751k to 795k members in slightly less than the span of a single year. Having been founded back in 2014, the community will be celebrating its 7th birthday in mid-December.

The inspiration behind the subreddit’s jaw-dropping name is a widely known meme that goes by many other names, including ‘Just Eff Me Up,’ ‘Just,’ and ‘The Barber.’ Know Your Meme points to American actor and beloved comedian Zach Galifianakis as the person who might have started the entire meme in the first place.

#4 Yeah, So

Image credits: Independent-Net-1255

#5 Uh……. I Got Nothing

Image credits: MannedVeto964

#6 F-Ed Up Russian Style

Image credits: Shirtless_Shane

According to Know Your Meme, the earliest known example of the ‘Just Eff Me Up’ joke belongs to comedian Zach. He dropped the joke in 2006 during his comedy special, ‘Zach Galifianakis Live at the Purple Ocean.’

“When you look like I do, it’s hard to get a table for one at Chuck E Cheese. I went to my stylist today and she said, ‘What are you looking for?’ and I told her, ‘Just give me the Amber Alert,’ Zach said.

#7 Amish UFC

Image credits: StillDoozy

#8 One Of The Best Yet

Image credits: xxLOPEZxx

#9 Just Saw This Guy On My Way Home Lol, Does His Cut Qualify?

Image credits: kavakravata

From there, the meme evolved and one of the biggest ‘victims’ of the joke was American singer-songwriter, Miley Cyrus. In 2012, rapper Tyler poked fun of her new haircut on Twitter by wondering if she’d asked her hairdresser to ‘eff her up real quick.’ In turn, Miley told Tyler to ‘shut up,’ insulted his face, but complimented his music.

It was in 2014 that the meme finally solidified into the form that we know and love today and inspired the creation of the subreddit. The core foundation of the subreddit itself is comedy: there’s no room for hate or harassment. 

What’s more, the moderators warn that people shouldn’t post photos of people’s hair if they’re ill or have been in an accident. “We’re here to laugh at people’s poor hairstyle choices, not their medical conditions which they have no control over,” they note. For a subreddit that pokes fun at people, it’s surprisingly wholesome, mature, and polite.

#10 I Cannot Lol

Image credits: slappy2982

#11 My Mom Took Up A Hair Cutting Course About 9 Years Ago. With Little Practice She Confidentially Lured My Brother In For A Haircut. This Is The Result. Now I Can’t Make Eye Contact With My Brother Without Laughing

Image credits: GuccimyBoi

#12 Kanye West’s New Haircut

Image credits: r_dominic

A while back, I reached out to barber and hairdresser Giuliano Dore, the co-founder of ‘Get Groomed,’ mobile barbering specialists in London and the West Midlands, in the UK. Giuliano told Bored Panda all about how to recognize whether a haircut is truly bad and a mistake or if it’s something fashionable, experimental, and brave.

“The main difference between avant-garde and plain bad for a haircut is the focus on details and the whole idea behind the haircut,” he said.

#13 Barber Has Got Me A Belter With This One. £15 For The Privilege

Image credits: Annoyingwarrior

#14 Russian Three Stripe Cut

Image credits: Latebird420

#15 Hmmm

Image credits: billionaire_bear

“You would think that haircuts like the bowl cut are never gonna be trendy. Wrong. It’s happening and thanks to extremely talented hairstylists, we see a lot of hipsters rocking a very fashionable bowl,” Giuliano from ‘Get Groomed’ told Bored Panda that we shouldn’t say ‘never’ when it comes to slightly peculiar haircuts that look ‘out there.’

#16 This Guy In My Pre-Calc Book

Image credits: raceofeons1

#17 Yes, The Eyeliner Goes Around The Fringe

Image credits: charlottee963

#18 …should We Tell Him, Guys?

Image credits: iamthpecial

According to barber Giuliano, the most important things for a hairdresser to keep in mind when working on a client are symmetry and order (even when working on more artsy, even chaotic styles). “ It’s all about pattern, symmetry, and (sometimes) controlled asymmetry. If I see patchy haircuts, holes, or broken hairlines, I am gonna assume the worst,” he told Bored Panda.

#19 It Looks Like It Was Drawn In Permanent Marker

Image credits: Brianocracy

#20 Comb Over With A Hard Part… Like ‘Moses Parting The Red Sea’ Hard

Image credits: _notsuoh_

#21 Gwen Shamblin, Former Leader Of A Church In Tennessee

Image credits: PluggerOfButts

“If you want to cut your own hair at home, go with a safe option. Same-level buzz cuts are a safe choice. Home is not the place for challenging haircuts. For example, attempting a 0 to 2 high skin fade by yourself is not gonna work. Even professional barbers don’t do it themselves. I know this because they book each other on our app,” the hairdressing expert told Bored Panda that it’s always best to opt for simplicity if you’re working on your hair by yourself.

#22 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image credits: LemonberryTea

#23 Instagram Never Disappoints

Image credits: indecisive_dan

#24 Nice Beard

Image credits: asma_meha

“Being able to cut just based on the reflection of a mirror takes a whole new level of 4D chess and not everyone is ready for the challenge. I would also avoid sharp tools like razor blades. It’s absolutely possible to rock a very decent hairline without using razor blades at home. Clippers are your friends.”

#25 This Person’s Mom’s Senior Picture, Late 60s

Image credits: Allison87

#26 Does Facial Hair Count? Jonathan Banks On Csi Miami And Whatever Is Going On With His Chin

Image credits: masterofsatellites

#27 Coolio These Days

Image credits: colipro

It’s interesting to see how much things have changed over the course of the pandemic. Giuliano told Bored Panda what the situation was like at the start of the Covid-19 lockdowns, in March 2020. Giuliano said that ‘Get Groomed’ had stopped all of their office-based barbering events at the time and still hadn’t restarted them yet by November of that year. However, there were other upsides.

“We saw a surge in home-based bookings since the first UK lockdown. I believe people don’t want to go to a crowded barbershop at the moment and it’s very visible in our data. People are also more concerned about hygiene and frequently ask questions about our methodology, if the barber is coming with PPE, etc. We are making sure that our barbers are fully PPE equipped and that they clean their tools between bookings,” Giuliano told Bored Panda what the situation was like last year.

#28 Gimme That Shrigma Fam

Image credits: johnnypayphone

#29 Advanced Homosapiens -2800AD

Image credits: springn4spaniels

#30 I’m Speechless

Image credits: linkielambchop

So, dear Pandas, which of these truly awful haircuts do you think are a cut above (or is that below?) the rest? What’s the very worst haircut you’ve ever had and how did it make you feel? Got any advice about helping our hair grow faster after a tragedy at the barber? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

#31 I Got A Crush Immediately

Image credits: Aragorn1417_

#32 Yikes

Image credits: cyaron12

#33 That’s Some Mad Hair

Image credits: attemptnumber58

#34 The Result Of Asking My Dad To Go Over My Outgrown Undercut Again. Said He Didn’t Want To “Accidentally Shave Too Far”

Image credits: crediblemayonnaise

#35 On The New Zealand News

Image credits: wagletz

#36 When You Wanna B Poppin’ Yo

Image credits: twodeadsticks

#37 This Guy On The Price Is Right This Morning

Image credits: jessickarabidd

#38 Hmmm

Image credits: howdoyousay11

#39 Found This While Scrolling Through Instagram

Image credits: calobmomo40

#40 New Heavyweight Champion Oleksandre Usyk

Image credits: kwkierjote

#41 Saw This On Television

Image credits: babeloe328

#42 Dem Bangs Are On Fleek

Image credits: fartmitten

#43 Jay-Z’s Hair On The Tiffany And Co. Commercial

Image credits: hakunamatatamatafuka

#44 My Cousin’s Mother In Law From The 70s

Image credits: ILikeHornedAnimals

#45 This Guy….

Image credits: ceral_killer

#46 Got This Ad On Youtube, I Wasn’t Ready

Image credits: theobservantman

#47 Before, Reference Picture, And After. I’m Beyond Mad

Image credits: elite4caleb

#48 This Subaru Salesman

Image credits: kendrickandcole

#49 Why Hats Were Invented

Image credits: -Mr-Sandwich-

#50 Mmm Perfect

Image credits: handpulled_noodles

#51 Moved House, Tried Local Barbers

Image credits: L_eds

#52 The Least You Could Do Is Center The Damn Thing

Image credits: Bad-Bitch-Bex

#53 Went To A New Barber Because My Normal One Was Booked And I Have A Date Tomorrow. Asked For A Chin Length Bob. This Cost Me $58

Image credits: Ehvuhlinn