People In This Online Group Come Up With 48 Slogans For Brands If They Were Brutally Honest

Brands are mostly recognized by their logos but another important part of a company’s branding is their slogan. Brand slogans are usually short and catchy, they are a representation of the brand’s identity and makes them stand out among other competitors. 

They should reveal the benefits of the products and also show the values of the company. But people believe that not all slogans that companies have are always that honest. So redditor night_howler_grt thought of asking, “If brands were brutally honest, what brand would have what slogan?” and people in the thread put all the wrong things that these companies do into one catchy phrase.

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Tupperware: Have you ever wanted to throw away food, but just not now?

Image credits: ItsDeCia


Pepsi: “Is Pepsi OK?”

Image credits: ShutterBun


Google: We finish your thoughts for you.

Image credits: URTheCurrentResident


Coca Cola: It was better with a hint of cocaine, but type 2 diabetes will have to do.

Image credits: jillaaa


gucci: being expensive is literally our entire marketing strategy

Image credits: Azulaang4ever


TikTok: Because watching your daughters friends from the window is weird

Image credits: Jdaddyk07


Facebook: your privacy is our business

Image credits: Honest-Cicada4897


And you thought you were weird. – Reddit

Image credits: Just_Construction523


Nature Valley: Crumbs everywhere

Image credits: codj23


Most fashion brands : from kids for kids

Image credits: what_a_dude


YouTube: You dont matter to us now watch our double ads!

Image credits: MuffinRacker342


Taco Bell: 57 Menu items, Six ingredients!

Image credits: GeneralFactotum


RC Cola: we’re just happy to be involved in the taste test

Image credits: jolbina


Seaworld: You’ll enjoy it a lot more than the animals do.


Tinder: Pay extra to stop us from c**kblocking you.

Image credits: Hollywood899


FedEx : our drivers take out their anger on your items.

Image credits: StickyGoodness


Disney. Really, what other option do you have? We run the entertainment world


Instagram: you’ll never look this good.

Image credits: BR_Nukz


McDonalds: Preserving our food for generations to come.


Apple IPad: distracting your toddler made easy


BuzzFeed: because you’re too lazy to go on Reddit, and we’re too lazy to write original content.

Image credits: thecookietrain


Dove bar soap: because you’d never buy soap called pigeon

Image credits: read110


Steam: remember that over 70% of your games are unplayed

Image credits: esmieses


Nestle: I killed people for this. Be grateful

Image credits: Gh3rkins


EA: unlock this slogan for 500 gems

Image credits: THE_CURE666


Red bull – I hope you like heart palpitations

Image credits: Suspicious-River-998


subway: eat frozen, prepackaged or chemically preserved



We serve you decaff if you’re rude


Facebook: You are the product.


Microsoft. If there was a way we could force you into a yearly subscription for the very floor your computer sits on, we would


Reddit – post , repost, rinse repeat


Facebook: it’s worse than you think.


La Quinta: Spanish for “next to Denny’s”

Image credits: LeoMarius


Froot loops: they are all the same flavours

Image credits: loki_wonders


H&R Block, because getting f****d by yourself just ain’t no fun.


Nike: Just Screw It – Because you don’t care how many kids die so long as you got cool shoes.


Taco Bell- same food, different shapes


Taco Bell. You’re stoned, we’re stoned, so lets eat.

Image credits: Chrome_Armadill


Amazon: come make that bald guy even richer while we treat our employees like s**t


UPS: We know your you’re probably home but ain’t nobody got time for that!


EA: Go get your parents credit card

Image credits: Dutch-in-Tahiti


Domino’s: You’ll F*****g Eat It


Olive Garden: When you’re here, we hate you and your family

Image credits: coneal89


Marlboro cigarettes aborting more babies than planned Parenthood

Image credits: No_Ordinary_3824


Target: The upperclass Walmart

Image credits: VirtualIce23


Roblox: We’ve made so much money off your kids, we can’t believe it either…

Image credits: jmedi11


Toyota: We make immortal cars for civilians and terrorists.



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