|| DANCING WATERS || by Bruno Soares

|| DANCING WATERS || by Bruno Soares

In the constant search for what will make us eternally happy, there is often the frustration of not being able to achieve it.

It is, in fact, this frustration, this quest not always achieved, that makes the unique moments, that sometimes appear before us without us expecting more from them than they can give, magnificent and making us feel this true happiness!

Perhaps happiness is made of moments rather than a state we wish to be constant, perhaps this beautiful feeling can only be achieved through other less good moments.
I honestly don’t know, I just know what I feel.

And tonight my happiness was once again achieved through lack of expectation, for it is not always that such a phenomenon arises before us in such a magical place as Godafoss is!

It was while dining nearby that I began to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Aurora dance!
I could have interrupted everything to come to her, but I waited and calmly continued my meal looking at her through the window!
I felt she would be there for me later!

And so it was late that night, frozen in body but cosy in mind, that I could contemplate her rejoicing dance before the gods that the magnanimous waterfall evokes!

And I felt, at that moment I was happy!

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