50 Sassy Comments Companies Wrote On Social Media, As Shared On The ‘Company Battles’ Online Group

Let’s get ready to rumble! It’s no secret that companies exist in a perpetual atmosphere of competition, vying for control of the market, and fighting over limited resources, clients, and ideas. However, not all companies are created equal when it comes to their social media game.

That’s where the r/CompanyBattles subreddit comes in. It’s an online community that’s home to nearly 85k internet users who absolutely adore some of the casual social media stunts that well-known brands pull off. From Microsoft and GameStop to Wendy’s and everything in between, the folks running these companies’ social media profiles like to have some fun. What follows are some of the sassiest, most hilarious, and most unexpected things that these brands have posted online. All for your viewing pleasure, Pandas.

Go on, check out the posts below and remember to upvote the ones that impressed you the most as you continue scrolling. Don’t forget to share your opinion about companies pretending to be actual people in the comment section at the bottom of this list.

#1 Netflix Fought Back

Image credits: netflix

#2 Newspaper/Billboard Ad From KFC — An Alphabet Of Imitations

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Oof

Image credits: Wendys

The ‘Company Battles’ subreddit is fairly new, having celebrated its 3rd birthday at the end of August. The moderating team is compact as well, with only 2 moderators keeping the entire online group in check.

However, what the subreddit has plenty of are rules. There are 10 of these commandments that members of the group absolutely must follow. Most obviously, everyone has to do their best to stay civil and polite.

#4 Staples Mocking Kris Jenner’s New Necklace

Image credits: StaplesCanada

#5 Dictionary Had No Problem Roasting Dj Khaled

Image credits: sarahschauer

#6 Happy Father’s Day

Image credits: MS28764

There’s absolutely no bullying allowed on r/CompanyBattles and redditors have to mind their own business, not posting any private information about any people who might end up being featured alongside the globally-recognized brands while they’re showing off their media game and witty comebacks.

What’s more, community members should strive to share only high-quality posts. If something’s low-quality, an ad, or very clearly spam, it’s going to get removed. After all, some companies might try to advertise on the subreddit itself in a very sneaky manner (though we hope they have more sense than that!). That’s also part of the reason why posts should only feature screenshots without any links.

#7 When Gamestop Roasts You

Image credits: GameStop

#8 Microsoft Told It Like It Was

Image credits: MicrosoftStore

#9 Samsung Confirms That Galaxy S8 Camera Cannot Support Edward’s First Photo

Image credits: SamsungMobileUS

Some time ago, I reached out to financial expert Sam Dogen from the Financial Samurai blog, to have a chat about income inequality in companies. CEOs of major brands can end up earning millions of dollars each year (alongside hefty bonuses and great perks) while those further down the chain can sometimes barely scratch together a living. However, the reasons for this aren’t always clear.

Sam pointed out that the financial system has created an extreme dichotomy between the very fortunate and regular Pandas like you and me.

#10 Tesco Went In For The Kill

Image credits: tescomobile

#11 Wendy’s: Square Or Circle Hamburgers?

Image credits: Wendys

#12 Don’t Piss Off Moonpie

Image credits: Sweet-Tweet

“CEOs have no magical powers. Yes, they have the operational experience to run big companies. However, they are often just spokespeople and ambassadors of the firm. One person cannot make that big a difference in a large organization. If Tim Cook from Apple steps down, the company will be fine. Another overpaid CEO will take his place,” the financial expert explained to Bored Panda that CEOs aren’t all-powerful or always extremely talented.

“The reason why CEOs can get paid so much is due to the direct correlation of the size of the company. When a company is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it’s easier to pay a CEO tens of millions of dollars a year, which comprised mostly of stock options,” Sam said.

#13 Ford vs. Chevy: A Timeless Tale

Image credits: Ethan_Hood

#14 Mcdonald’s vs. Burger King

Image credits: oskiboi

#15 Old Spice vs. Taco Bell

Image credits: OldSpice

“At the end of the day, the CEO and the Board of Directors’ goal is to provide as much value and returns as possible for its shareholders. And if that means firing thousands of employees, then that is what they will do. It is a sad reality of extreme capitalism,” the expert explained to Bored Panda that those at the top of the company will do whatever it takes to keep it afloat. In most cases, the bottom line is more important to them than the livelihood of their employees.

#16 It Was The Recorder Version Too. My Sides

Image credits: Zorlis_Domain

#17 Thanks For Having My Back Sunny D

Image credits: IrateCube

#18 A Healthy Relationship

Image credits: Window638

#19 Coachella Fires Back

Image credits: elonmusk

#20 Oof

Image credits: OldSpice

#21 Wholesome Chili

Image credits: ehSorry

#22 That Still Would Have Not Stopped Him From Typing This

Image credits: brit-lit

#23 Damn Tesla Be Roasting It’s Competitors Hard

Image credits: xXminecraftdaysXx

#24 More Like Country Battles

Image credits: pliyanshu

#25 Mcdonalds Going After Starbucks

Image credits: goontheyou

#26 Bk Getting Over On Mcdee’s

Image credits: WhoDatDaddy

#27 Free Disappointment

Image credits: xd_MonsterMan

#28 Burger King At It Again

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 Frickin’ Nerds

Image credits: tiLT__

#30 Wendy’s Back At It Again

Image credits: DamnR6ytb

#31 Butterfinger Roasted Tom Brady After Losing The 2018 Super Bowl

Image credits: BlueRocketPlays

#32 Redbox Thought They Was Being Cool

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 Chick-Fil-A Will Forever Be At A Disadvantage

Image credits: Silverwave2

#34 Haha

Image credits: grafvgalen

#35 Sodas Unite !

Image credits: seluj78

#36 Digiorno Changed Their Twitter Bio To Spoof Papa John’s Slogan And Papa Johns Dished It Right Back

Image credits: eater

#37 Sketchers Fires Shotgun Shells At Nike

Image credits: kinetiraptor

#38 For All The Football/Soccer Fans Out There

Image credits: themaskedvillain

#39 Now That’s A Lot Of Damage

Image credits: mercury-brick

#40 Steelseries Going Hard On Apple Right Now

Image credits: DandelionGaming

#41 Rocks And Cardboard!

Image credits: this-is-plaridel

#42 Don’t Know If A Small Restaurant Counts As A Company, But

Image credits: Lantami

#43 Wendy’s Is Not Scared Of Nobody

Image credits: ehSorry

#44 Tik Tok Getting Roasted

Image credits: drinkin-out-of-cups

#45 No Holding Back When It Comes To Spicy Nuggets

Image credits: darsincostan

#46 Whatsapp Just Got Burned

Image credits: Dan6erbond

#47 Wendy’s Burns Blizzard Activision

Image credits: Damoizgod

#48 Yes They Do Deliver

Image credits: thereedoburrito

#49 Bmw Takes It Up A Notch For Halloween

Image credits: enchantdfaerie

#50 Bitcoin Is Not Messing Around

Image credits: AtlasGrey_