33 Times Kids Gave Comical Names To Everyday Things

Some parents will agree that kids seem to grow up really fast, so everything they do, say, and accomplish becomes some of the most precious moments for adults. After the first steps and words, it becomes interesting to see how the kid is growing up and showing their evolving personality. Especially when kids are only learning about the world and expressing themselves verbally. This is why a lot of parents love to share the little language gems their children think of and use in life. 

Bored Panda already presented some of the most hilarious words kids tend to call various everyday items. You can find these lists here, here and here. “Bless you box,” “Vampire State Building,” and “Rainbrella” are only a few funny examples revealing the language creativity of small kids. Following this, some more parents joined in and added some more whimsical words that their kids use, making everyone think that maybe these new versions are better than the original.

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Even though it might seem that language is only one of many developing aspects through a kid’s childhood, it is one of the most important ones as it defines how later this kid will be able to express themselves, communicate and socialize, and learn. So it becomes crucial for parents to encourage their kids to express themselves as well as deepen this communication to the point where they will be able to use language properly.


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Before kids start to go to kindergarten and school, parents are the ones who are taking the role of the teacher. What can parents do to help their kids to develop their communication skills? First, it is crucial to talk to the kid while allowing them to respond back. Gradually adding new words and explaining their meanings will help to broaden a kid’s vocabulary. Reading is also known as one of the most helpful tactics in language development as it allows them to understand the difference between written and spoken language.


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It is known that there are certain language development stages that help parents to understand whether a kid is reaching certain progress in their language learning. According to their age, a kid is expected to reach a certain milestone, and if they struggle to do so, a speech pathologist comes to help.


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