This Online Group Is Dedicated To Collecting Makeup Fails, And Here Are 208 Of The Worst Ones (New Pics)

It’s no secret that applying makeup can be quite a task. Maybe you’re lacking experience or using bad beauty products; you can make a ton of mistakes before getting everything right. So when the time comes and we have to look the part, we turn to the pros and hope they’ll make us look special. But believe it or not, they also make mistakes.

There’s even a whole subreddit dedicated to it. It’s called Bad MakeUp Artists and the posts in there range from mismatched foundation and aggressive contouring to caterpillar eyebrows. Who knew you can do such a terrible job and still get paid!

Scroll down through the hilarious list of worst makeup examples and be sure to check out part 1 of this post!

#1 This Client Is Only 11

Image credits: goldenmagearna

#2 Medium Rare Beef Lips

Image credits: disko_lemonade13

#3 I Do I Even Need To Say Anything

Image credits: complex_theories

#4 I Understant Wanting To Be Tan But This Is Just Too Much

Image credits: ArtisticRose

#5 Permanent Nike Swoosh! Yikes

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#6 That Eye Makeup Is Tough

Image credits: curiouslyblue420

#7 I Guess I Got What I Paid For With This Free Look. Asked Mua For Homecoming Makeup

Image credits: TheHuntress1031

#8 This Color Match On The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Image credits: chinitachinita

#9 I Cant Believe This Contour Is Done By A Professional Mua. I Feel Bad For The Bride

Image credits: remelaneom1234

#10 Some Very Intense Bridal Makeup Seen On Instagram

Image credits: mmoo17

#11 Can We Just Let People Have Wide Noses?

Image credits: Annette-spaghet

#12 The Eyes Are Neat, But Those Overdrawn Lips Irk Me…

Image credits: whawha92

#13 Mindhunter On Netflix Is Amazing, But The Horribly Matched, Yellow Makeup On All Characters In Both Seasons Is Horribly Distracting. Wendy’s Is The Worst

Image credits: upstreammomentum

#14 Snapchat’s “Beauty Hacks” Never Fail To Deliver Material Worthy Of This Sub

Image credits: shadythrowaway9

#15 She Asked For Bridal Makeup And Got This

Image credits:

#16 My Little Sister Got Her Makeup Done For My 30th Birthday Party, Fyi She’s Really Good At Her Own Makeup And She Wanted To Treat Herself…. Everytime I Need Cheering Up I Look At This Photo And Laugh. It Cost €60!!

Image credits: Secure_Dragonfruit69

#17 Professional Mua

Image credits: Akjysdiuh708

#18 Oof

Image credits: Deelsisme

#19 She Just Lost Like Half Her Nose…

Image credits: weirdfridgelady

#20 Orange You Glad You Went With That Shade

Image credits: M2LBB2016

#21 This Overlining Lipline Trend Needs To Die. It Looks Like A Itchy Inflammation

Image credits: LeDeena

#22 The Shade Difference Between Her Hand And Face…

Image credits: East-Formal877

#23 I Found One! From An Episode On Hooked On The Look

Image credits: Autopsyofficial

#24 A “Before And After” Of A Serum That Is Supposed To Give You Longer Lashes. You Can Clearly See The Eyelash Extension Clusters

Image credits: medelsnusk

#25 And On This Season Of Horribly Over-Lined Lips

Image credits: goingforth_

#26 Liverpool UK

Image credits: IcantSeeUuCantSeeMe

#27 Uhm…

Image credits: Atenevra

#28 Let Me Blend That Blush

Image credits: fleffeh

#29 I Have No Words

Image credits: ba_dum_tss__

#30 The Eyes Are Great But…

Image credits: femmeinfernale

#31 Oof… Colormatch Is A Bit Off

Image credits: techhausinc

#32 Can We Put An End To This Brow Trend Already? ?

Image credits: Butterfly_dash

#33 It’s The Lips Or The Nose Contour For Me

Image credits: oldshanshan

#34 I Saw This And Thought Of This Sub

Image credits: TheDevilsTrinket

#35 Her Makeup Looks Are Usually Fine, But This Outdoor Lighting Is Doing No Favors

Image credits: notthelettuce

#36 It’s A Interesting Look

Image credits: Drikkaa

#37 She Has 20k Followers On Insta

Image credits: mmonzeob

#38 It Looks Like She Has A Nose On Top Of Her Nose!

Image credits: B1214

#39 Mmm Yes! Ruin This Amazing Eye Makeup With Goopy Beef Lips

Image credits: squidwarbtortellini

#40 Marc Jacobs Lipstick Making These Lips Look Crusty Af. Literally Looks Like You Could Peel It Off

Image credits:

#41 Mua Did Me Dirty – It Was Supposed To Be A “Goth” Look

Image credits: owo_wots_this_

#42 The Nose Contouring And The Brows ( & Not Only )…just Why?

Image credits: kkaiOkkai

#43 Bad Zit Coverup From The 90s

Image credits: porkchop88

#44 50 Shades Of Orange

Image credits: missgoldenbrowne

#45 Jesus Christ

Image credits: consuelodehondura

#46 Did Her Blush Explode?

Image credits: Crafty-Gurrrl

#47 I Thought This Was A Joke

Image credits: childrenofthegravee

#48 “Pro Artist And Tutor” Who Runs A Prestigious Makeup Academy, Owns A Salon And Has 36k Followers… What

Image credits: -impermanence

#49 His Nose… I’m Speechless

Image credits: allCreepy

#50 I Promised My Boyfriend I Would Try Watching Star Trek But The Makeup Is So Distracting. In Particular I Can’t Stop Looking At Data’s Neck In Every Scene

Image credits: dianerml

#51 You Can See Where She Stopped Blending Around The Collar

Image credits: erinraspberry

#52 I Love The Idea, But The Brows Ruin It For Me

Image credits: sashasul

#53 3 Minute Hacks – Fire Whatever Mua Consultant Thought This Was A Genuinely Good Idea

Image credits: holliealicia

#54 Another Casualty Of 90 Day Fiancé Muas

Image credits: hazed0and0confused

#55 Unblendy The Ink Machine

Image credits: sexxorcism

#56 Saw Her Advertising Her Makeup On Instagram. Why

Image credits: Depraysie

#57 Does This Belong Here ?

Image credits: eribooooo

#58 This Is Just Not Right… Seen On Shein

Image credits: Alternative_Truth259

#59 The Foundation Oh Noo

Image credits: frogs25

#60 Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo…

Image credits: Imaginary_Coconut935

#61 Mua In UK I Saw Featured By Another Mua

Image credits: sashasul

#62 This Does Not Look Good. The Skin Tone Change Is Drastic

Image credits: CATC8

#63 Masterclass??! You Cannot Be Serious

Image credits: babydollyxox

#64 Is It Just Me Or

Image credits: brittanydude

#65 Does She Look….dead….to You???

Image credits: redditthrowawaybbbbb

#66 This Color Match Is…not It. Someone Did Her Dirty

Image credits: moonercycle

#67 Big Miranda Sings Vibes

Image credits: undercoverkatie

#68 This Girl Is Stunning But That Foundation Colour Was A…. Choice By The Mua..

Image credits: duchesscuunt

#69 Stumbled Across This Instagram Profile. She Asks Money For This. Ft. Nails At The End…

Image credits: bunghole6677

#70 Self-Proclaimed Mua. Why?

Image credits: luckiestgurl

#71 This Color Is Not A Good Color Match. Goodness Me

Image credits: andimattone

#72 Ahh Yes, The Perfect Shade Of Diarrhea For These Beef Lips

Image credits: MissyFaye

#73 There Should Be A Whole Section Of Badmuas Seen On 90 Day Fiancé

Image credits: isellweirdshit

#74 Target Did Sis Wrong…

Image credits: BastardGardenGnome

#75 What Are Undertones???? The Eyebrows And Eye Makeup Is Good, Just Can’t Get Over The Foundation And Bronzer

Image credits: fullfacejunkie

#76 Was Watching A Show On Bbc Three And Saw This

Image credits: timemachinebreakdown

#77 Talk About Caking It On.. Seems Like A Waste Of Foundation!

Image credits: tymty

#78 The Whole Look Is Bizarre But The Brows Make Me Uncomfortable

Image credits: kittyditties

#79 Ad For Gucci Beauty. Not Sure If I Want That Mascara

Image credits: guesswhatcorgiiibutt

#80 Shocked Nobody Has Talked Abt This Girl In This Buzzfeed Video, The Mua Did Her So Dirty

Image credits: fluffylilbee

#81 How Can They Do That To Her?!

Image credits: ohdearitsrichardiii