|| The only worthy Diamonds || by Bruno Soares

|| The only worthy Diamonds || by Bruno Soares

That day started early, it was still night when I got out of the camper. As predicted, the cold air of Iceland quickly started to freeze me.

I was searching for diamonds that morning, but I was searching for the worthy ones!
And I would be able to find them in one of the most amazing beaches that I would soon be!

Arriving near to the sea, with those amazing icy rocks shining with the magical arctic sunrise light, I immediately understood that I wouldn’t be doing landscape photography in that morning!

Running in and running out of the water, I was trying to be as close as I could to get these beautiful diamonds in my camera.
It was not cold any more as my heart rate was going up, my drive was rising and I just wanted to continue there, clicking!

What I can tell you is that the ocean doesn’t pardon any wrong move, and between some regular waves, the big ones always comes.

So, that day I found my self running, counting waves and composing the picture!!
I was indeed doing Action Photography more than anything else!

What a sunrise to begin the day!

And don’t ever forget that we belong to Nature, not the other way.

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