Tranquility in Agitated Times || Happy New Year! by Bruno Soares

Tranquility in Agitated Times || Happy New Year! by Bruno Soares

The rain kept felling hard and continuously, being part of my dreams that night. I, for her sake, slept rocked in the harmony of someone who could only be at Ilha das Flores!

It was still dark when I left the house. I knew exactly where I wanted to go at that moment; I already had everything in my mind, the location, the composition. I just hadn’t foreseen that perfect storm that would add an ecstatic beauty in what would be a sunrise to make us think that we are still dreaming!

So I started walking down the path that led to one of the most beautiful landscapes in my Azores, Portugal! The rain seemed to lighten so I could make my way, “Will I make it?” I thought!

It was with an effort that I let go of the contemplation of this hectic morning and managed to put the camera where I had anticipated!
From there, I saw the rocks bathing before me, noticing my eyes walking through all that aggressive and erratic movement of the sea. At the same time, the light penetrated to give it the most beautiful shades of the magnificent sun.
Those eyes of mine would then travel through the imposing rock formations towards the flurry of clouds that moved over them.

So much was happening that morning; my soul was restless. Finally, my eyes landed on the beautiful tiny Ilha do Corvo that was calmly waking up on the horizon!
Once there, I relaxed, calmed down and thought, “have those who live there dreamed this as I did?” I hope so!

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