73 Times People Noticed Such Absurd Scams, They Just Had To Mock And Shame Them Online (New Pics)

A year ago, we released a publication on the subreddit r/Scams, showcasing lazy, offensive, and just all-around pathetic attempts to rob people of their money.

Not much has changed since then. Scammers are still targeting innocent folks through phone calls, emails, social media, and even dating apps.

So to remind you to keep your eyes open, we at Bored Panda put together a follow-up article on r/Scams. Below, you will find some of the most popular posts its 329K members have recently made, and all the dirty practices used today. Stay safe!

#1 Meatball

Image credits: [deleted]

#2 Scam Text Message. Tricking Them With Cat Facts!

Image credits: dravack

#3 These Scams Are Getting Complex

Image credits: dredgehayt

#4 Got A Message From A Scammer, Decided To Play With Em A Little

Image credits: W0lfhatK1d

#5 Just A Heads Up Y’all!

Image credits: jfahmy

#6 Why Bother Making A Bot To Message This?

Image credits: Ok_Table7457

#7 I Used To Live In Los Angeles. I’ve Never Owned A House. I Get These Texts All The Time! I Have No Idea How This Scam Even Works Or What The End Game Is. But I’ve Started Replying In Ways That Make Me Giggle

Image credits: sniperwolfjob

#8 Destiny’s Child Tour Money

Image credits: jrpgamer

#9 So.. Nigerian Princess??

Image credits: Cunillingus_Giver

#10 I Could Still Imagine People Doing It

Image credits: Alclis

#11 I Just Caught This In The Wild

Image credits: bPhrea

#12 Sounds Tempting

Image credits: Swaghetti-Yolonaise-

#13 Whatsapp Scam, I Don’t Know Why They Didn’t Respond?

Image credits: aloofwatermelon

#14 No Way

Image credits: CButler19

#15 I Can Tell He’s “Seriously”

Image credits: Stoneman1979

#16 I’m On The Books Guys. I Cannot Wait For My Appointment

Image credits: The-OG-cheese

#17 At Least He Had A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: hugesnailcock

#18 When You Just Know So You Reverse The Roles

Image credits: Snoop-Dogee

#19 This One Made Me Laugh

Image credits: desenagrator44

#20 Almost Caught Me Off Guard This One

Image credits: MolochHunter

#21 About To Be Scammed

Image credits: Alone_Revenue639

#22 Reminder To Be Careful Of Scams! This Was Well Done

Image credits: JWalterZilly

#23 When You’re So Bad At Scams, You Can’t Remember Your Own “Name”

Image credits: HailHydraforce

#24 What A Nice Lady

Image credits: normal_lad_

#25 A Whole New Level Of Scamming

Image credits: Ab-ra-ham

#26 Snyder Needs Help, Seems Legit

Image credits: Dabrigstar

#27 The President Needs More Itunes Cards!

Image credits: auburnquill

#28 At Least Theyre Honest

Image credits: EudeDev

#29 Hooray I Have Won A “Walmart”

Image credits: Te_kosher_six_nine

#30 Facebook Enabling Scammers

Image credits: Abungus

#31 Deflecting With Why Tho

Image credits: Ghostly_Writer28700

#32 It Finally Happened! I Got The Text! I Really Never Thought I’d Get This Text. #blessed

Image credits: Single_Asparagus8984

#33 Seems Legit But Can’t Be To Careful

Image credits: wayne88imps

#34 A Bot Love Story. *fixed*

Image credits: PlumFabulous

#35 I’ve Seen Some Authentic Looking Phishing Emails Before. This Isn’t One Of Them

Image credits: DocileManatee

#36 Real Dababy

Image credits: xXBdawg77Xx

#37 Been Receiving A Lot Of Scam/Spam Text Messages, But This Is The First Time They’ve Tried This Lmao

Image credits: lizagna2

#38 Well, This Looks Like An Obvious Scam. Especially As It’s Actually A Picture From Grand Theft Auto 5!

Image credits: Markleshark1

#39 You’d Think They’d Find A New Fake Picture By Now

Image credits: dbach2007

#40 Wasting A Cashapp Scammers Time, Still In Progress

Image credits: NinjaSnakeEyes

#41 Facebook Is Full Of Scam Giveaways And Fake Profiles Commenting On Them

Image credits: Skyward_Shadow

#42 Somebody Didn’t Go To Scamming School

Image credits: Bennyboodoobydoo


Image credits: [deleted]

#44 This Is Why I Don’t Use Etsy Without Doing A Lot Of Research On The Item. Literally The Same Photos That Amazon Used With Quite The Steep Price Jump. Not Even Creative Enough To Come Up With Something On Their Own. Always Reverse Image Search. I Cannot Stress That Enough

Image credits: WastelandGinger

#45 I Don’t Think Whoever Wrote This Has Ever Met A Bereaved Person

Image credits: creativegigolo

#46 This Pumpkin Seed Bag Practically Begs You To Save The American Farmer And Then Shows That It Wasn’t Even Grown In The United States

Image credits: tally06

#47 I’m Reporting Him To Adobe For Apparent Piracy, But He Attempted To Scam Me Using The Wrong Scam Account

Image credits: Practical_Culture833

#48 Batscam

Image credits: jdsamford

#49 Trying To Find Housing Near My University And Contacted Someone Who Posted An Ad On Facebook

Image credits: Luciditi89

#50 You Cannot Afford Me

Image credits: chiefdragonborn

#51 Scammer Tried To Scam 20 Random People At Once

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 I Pissed Off A Scammer Who Used My Aunts Name

Image credits: Whit_whit1993

#53 Very Legit Looking ‘Netflix’ Phishing Scam

Image credits: RedRose_Belmont

#54 I Have Suddenly Been Receiving Lots Of Fake Check Scams, Probably Because I Respond To All Of Them. This One Is Gold

Image credits: RyeSicle

#55 My Office Got This In The Mail Today, Had A Good Laugh!

Image credits: DoseMeDos

#56 Accidentally Put My Phone Number On Craigslist Without Thinking About It, Guy Claimed He Needed To Verify My Post Making Sure I Was Real By Me Sending Him The Code He Had Sent To My Phone

Image credits: yugiventriloquist

#57 Youtube Ads Should Have Moderation

Image credits: KmartEmployeeTor

#58 It Just Doesn’t Stop! Amazon’s Gotta Control This

Image credits: ProductCurator

#59 Seems Legit

Image credits: nataliemainesbutt

#60 Scammers Failing Hard!

Image credits: CashSZN808

#61 I’m Three Thousands Hundred And Dollars Richer!

Image credits: Steckzilla

#62 The Scammers Who Message Women On Here Are Always So Easy To Catch Out. He Doesn’t Even Know Where He ‘Lives’

Image credits: motail1990

#63 They’re Getting Lazier

Image credits: gremlynn42

#64 Refreshingly Honest. (Although Still Trying To Me To Send Him/Her My Mobile Number After This)

Image credits: HelenEk7

#65 My Dog Is Missing. This Is A Scammer Right?

Image credits: aWickedsara

#66 Got This Gem In My Junk Today

Image credits: lu-cy-inthesky

#67 Random Guy Sent Me Money On Venmo. Idk What To Do

Image credits: Pizza9927

#68 I Believe Someone Has Been Spoofing Using My Number

Image credits: TeamRat7

#69 What Ever Will I Do?

Image credits: r0ck3t8unny

#70 Scammers Are Getting More And More Creative

Image credits: Amax2192

#71 I Think A Victorian Nobleman Is Trying To Scam Me

Image credits: LordMeme42

#72 A Free Coca Cola Mini Fridge Yt Ad Is Just A Phishing Scam, Don’t Put Your Information In Their Website

Image credits: TrevastyPlague

#73 Someone Claimed To Have Found My Husband’s Number On Facebook And Proceeded To Try And Setup A “Hookup”. Unfortunately, My Husband’s Pay Rate Is Too High For Them