40 Amusing Pics Of Googly Eyes Placed On Random Things, As Shared In This Dedicated Online Group (New Pics)

“Eyebombing” is a humorous trend of sticking googly eyes on random objects to essentially make them come to life. This movement came around in the early 2000s, and the inspiration for this entertaining idea has been claimed by French artist Do Benracassa in his 1980s project “Ça Vous Regarde“. 

Though many say that sticking the wiggle eyes on images of people is not considered to be part of the trend, since the folks portrayed are already alive, sometimes it adds a lot of character to the photos and even makes things more relatable.  

Several folks took it to one of Reddit’s communities dedicated specifically to the “eyebombing” trend to share their brilliant googly eyes masterpieces. The online group currently has over 64K members and has been a thing since 2011. Moreover, BP has already done a similar article, so click here if you would like to check the first part out. 

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#1 Love The Shadow Making Wild Hair For This Little Beastie

Image credits: u/GroundbreakingSun176

#2 At The Wendy’s Drive Thru

Image credits: u/lilhazzie

#3 This Guy At The Houston Airport Gave Me A Chuckle Today

Image credits: u/Enmyriala

#4 Good Way To Get People To Look At The Camera

Image credits: u/live_wire_

#5 Local Panera Bread

Image credits: u/Chabotnick

#6 Wombat Eyebombs At The Zoo

Image credits: u/ravioliholycannoli

#7 Giant Eyebombing In Adelaide

Image credits: u/whoapato

#8 Giant Eyes And A Windsock On A Heater

Image credits: u/spuddy_spud_spud

#9 Serious Frog

Image credits: u/LonePaladin

#10 My Vets Office Got Googly’d

Image credits: u/Ratchetcat_

#11 Someone Eye-Bombed Plants Wrapped For Winter!

Image credits: u/batterscraps

#12 Something I Found At Target

Image credits: u/Lets-B-Lets-B-Jolly

#13 Found A Googly Bandit At Costco Today

Image credits: u/Vast_Statement5699

#14 Someone Put Googly Eyes On Different Things In My Lab

Image credits: u/QueenZ13

#15 Spotted In NYC Subway

Image credits: u/Blo0dbath

#16 Found This Guy This Morning

Image credits: u/Scoundie

#17 Found This Very Tongue Looking Polypore While Out On A Walk

Image credits: u/SpookyScarySteph

#18 A Starbucks I Visited Got Eyebombed Good!

Image credits: u/LongbowTurncoat

#19 How My Husband Got Me To Not Complain About The Box He Left There For Months

Image credits: u/Brkiri

#20 They’ve Breached The Baskin-Robbins I Work At, Send Help!

Image credits: u/mywindoh

#21 San Diego

Image credits: u/TinyTrafficCones

#22 Found On Some Graffiti

Image credits: u/radrax

#23 Do You Ever Get The Strange Feeling You’re Being Watched?

Image credits: u/RyanHans

#24 I Demanded An “Eye Bombed” Cake For My Birthday, This Was The Result!

Image credits: u/GottaLoveCornSnakes

#25 Grumpy Trash Bag

Image credits: u/GroundbreakingSun176

#26 Spotted This In A Lift At Work

Image credits: u/tommykw

#27 Sewing Machine Eyeball Antics

Image credits: u/GroundbreakingSun176

#28 Last Tour. He’s Being Let Go

Image credits: u/cupicake

#29 Had Some Fun At The Grocery Store

Image credits: u/sdg_eph1

#30 GF And I Bombed A Friend’s Car Today

Image credits: u/KatTtocs

#31 Found A Few In The Wild Today

Image credits: u/TheLetterSeven

#32 Moo

Image credits: u/soonerjohn06

#33 Slippery Jack With Googly Eyes

Image credits: u/SpookyScarySteph

#34 Ever Vigilant. Always Keeping Watch

Image credits: u/GroundbreakingSun176

#35 Belongs In Banjo-Kazooie

Image credits: u/RenaKunisaki

#36 Worth Valley Railway Museum

Image credits: u/TinquinQuarantino

#37 We Googly Eyed Our House

Image credits: u/Brkiri

#38 Looks Like The Local Post Office Wants Their Employees To Be On The Alert

Image credits: u/Past-Ad-8435

#39 My Hubby Leaves Them Everywhere

Image credits: u/Brkiri

#40 Husband Did The Same Trick With The Old Mattress

Image credits: u/Brkiri