People Are Roasting Others For Sharing Stuff That Absolutely No One Asked For (53 New Pics)

Some people like talking. A lot. Whether face-to-face or online, aka sharing, it seems like they never get bored of throwing out their opinions every now and then. And while thanks to freedom of speech, everyone is welcome to share what’s on their minds, that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying.

Well, there is a whole corner of Reddit dedicated to precisely these kinds of posts. “Nobody Asked” is the name of the community with 362k members and according to their description, it’s “a sub for people who were never asked and yet, still explained far too much.”

Below we wrapped up some of the most entertaining examples from it, so scroll down below, upvote your favorites and be sure to share our previous post with people too eager to share things nobody asked them.

#1 Congrats?

Image credits: ourplasticdream

#2 Then Why Would You Post A Comment, Christina?

Image credits: 32BitWhore

#3 Why Do People Do This? Like, You Must Be Highly Insecure If You Feel The Need To Brag.

Image credits: vladimir_lennin

#4 Bar Review In My Hometown

Image credits: EveryoneDoTheKlopp

#5 That Moment When He Doesn’t Compliment You Back

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#6 We Really Don’t Care

Image credits: BelladonnaB33

#7 However, He Is Not Too Busy To Leave A Comment To Harass An Internet Stranger For No Reason.

Image credits: I_Hate_Most_Things

#8 Sorry About Your Mom…? Found This On A Facebook Profile Pic. No Caption, No Other Comments, Just This Kind Offering Of Unsolicited Info

Image credits: polenta23

#9 On A Judge Judy Video

Image credits: scootinawayfromu

#10 On A Video With A Guy Doing A Piano Cover Of Chiquitita

Image credits: good1mufferaw

#11 Sad Cringe

Image credits: CummingInWhiteGirls

#12 This Comment On A Cute Post From R/Wholesome

Image credits: kiwiiikee

#13 Literally Noone Has Ever Asked

Image credits: IAmSlyirl

#14 Ugh… Go Away

Image credits: GreatZampano1987

#15 Imagine Bragging About Leg Pressing But You Can’t Walk Onto An Escalator.

Image credits: bukkbffcx

#16 Some Guy Who Messaged Me On Insta Just Because I Liked Some Comments Opposing His Opinion.

Image credits: DUD3239

#17 I Guess He Technically Reviewed The Pizza

Image credits: hilltopj

#18 I Have Hemorrhoids

Image credits: Fuba301

#19 Why Did You Feel The Need To Edit This Into The Comment?

Image credits: LunaTheLesbianFurry

#20 I Think My Instacart Driver Wanted To Tell Me Something

Image credits: reeseypoo25

#21 9 Years

Image credits: CasualMemer420

#22 Not Even A Military Game

Image credits: qse81

#23 On A Meme About Stopping To Watch Helicopters Fly By

Image credits: raindragon92

#24 I Literally Get Offers For Employment Probably Five Times A Week

Image credits: AutoCrosspostBot

#25 On A Post With A Video About The La Riots In 1992 Clearly Having Absolutely Nothing To Do With His Tesla

Image credits: andrez444

#26 I Guess The Only Question I Have Left Is, Who Farted Tho?

Image credits: Bonerunknown

#27 Slight Amount Of Oversharing, Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Is A Bit Strange?

Image credits: pootismn

#28 Look I’m Sorry And All But I’m Just Trying To Watch Television Intros From 33 Years Ago Bro

Image credits: glazedhamster

#29 “Intimidatingly Good Looking” Gtfo That Was Not The Question

Image credits: always_stay_activ3

#30 Askreddit Always Brings Out The Crazies

Image credits: N64crusader4

#31 Comment On A Makeup Video

Image credits: pirateslifeisntforme

#32 Do You Even Lift?

Image credits: timeforthepercolat0r

#33 Some Guy Replies To My Snapchat Story With This

Image credits: determination_dog

#34 Thanks Google

Image credits: yea_ter

#35 The Post Is About His Accomplishment, But She Can’t Help But Make It About Herself.

Image credits: NulledOne

#36 In The Comments Of The Encanto Trailer

Image credits: aneoxa

#37 Sir, This Is A Texas Roadhouse.

Image credits: everymanawildcat

#38 On A Community Post About Football Predictions

Image credits: Kartoffel2048

#39 Probably Some 8 Year Old Fortnite Kid Who Says He Does Your Mom

Image credits: Emer8nuts

#40 Opinion On Males Saying “My Guy”

Image credits: 9745389954367812

#41 This Guy May Wear Camo, But He Isn’t Exactly Subtle

Image credits: thenarcostate

#42 Nobody Asked About White People.

Image credits: MohammadRezaPahlavi

#43 I Guess It’s My Fault For Reading Posts On Nextdoor.

Image credits: LonerStonerLove

#44 In A Thread About How Beyonce Was The Only Singer On The Dc Track Jumpin’ Jumpin’. With 3 Likes???

Image credits: theawkwardselfie

#45 Found Under A Post On A Facebook Group About Ball Pythons (Snakes). All I Can Say Is Why??

Image credits: dogs_are_theBest

#46 She Literally Paid 25$ For An Iq Test To Flex On Me Lol, Like Anybody Even Cares.

Image credits: Albus_Dumbledore_115

#47 Why?

Image credits: pikopala

#48 In A Thread About Whether Someone’s Past Matters When Deciding If You Should Dare Them

Image credits: freaknotthink

#49 On A Thread Talking About Marvel Movies.

Image credits: Durien9

#50 Idk, Maybe Some Chocolate Might Cheer Her Up?

Image credits: TimmyTur0k

#51 Okay But Like, What’s Your Point?

Image credits: Young_Person_42

#52 Not Sure What Made Them Think Star Wars Was Relevant To The Topic

Image credits: fftropstm

#53 Nobody. Not A Single Soul.

Image credits: Shakenbake__