Pixel 7 Pro’s display will be brighter than the 6 Pro panel, source code reveals

Leaks have been tracking Google’s work on adopting a new display panel for the Pixel 7 Pro – the new S6E3HC4 panel will have the same 3,120 x 1,440px resolution and same 10-120Hz refresh rate, so what has actually changed from the S6E3HC3 of the Pixel 6 Pro? That question is partially answered by source code that is part of the Android 13 betas.

The new display panel will be brighter. Based on the code shown below, the Pixel 7 Pro will let the user go up to 600 nits in Manual mode, 100 nits higher than the 6 Pro offered.

In Auto mode, the display will top out at 1,000 nits, up from 800…

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