Four Pixel 7 models certified by the FCC: two with mmWave, two with UWB

The Pixel 7 series is expected to go into mass production at Foxconn soon while Google continues preparations for the expected early October launch (pre-orders on October 6, sales on the 13th, claim rumors).

Part of the pre-launch process is getting the green light from the FCC. Documents from the regulator show four models: GP4BC, GVU6C, GE2AE and GQML3. The first two support sub-6GHz 5G, the other two also have mmWave connectivity.

Four Pixel 7 models certified by the FCC: GP4BC, GVU6C, GE2AE and GQML

The mmWave versions will be available in the US, but since this flavor…

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