Moto X40 unveiled with SD 8 Gen 2 and 165Hz OLED display, Moto G53 offers 5G on the cheap

Motorola unveiled two new devices today – a member of the premium X-series and what will probably be the cheapest 5G phone from the company for the foreseeable future. These are launching in China for now, but should make their way to the rest of the world in some form later on.

At a glance: Moto X40 • Moto G53

Motorola Moto X40

The old X30 Pro was an interesting combination of powerful hardware and a reasonable price tag. This new model, the Motorola Moto X40, doesn’t call itself a “pro”, but it nevertheless dials up the power with the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and a…

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