Redmi launches Watch 3, Band 2, and Buds 4 Lite in jubilant colors

Xiaomi introduced today the Redmi K60 top-tier smartphones and a new Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed midranger. The stage also saw the arrival of three smart wearable devices – a Redmi Watch 3 with a bigger screen, a new Band 2 with a thin and light body, and Buds 4 Lite in fancy colors at a low price.

All of them are available for purchase in China.

Redmi Watch 3

The new wearable comes with a square-ish AMOLED display that is 1.75” in diagonal. It is 341 PPI and supports a 60 Hz refresh rate, and Redmi said it could reach 600 nits brightness. The body has flat sides, similar to the…

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