SK hynix unveils LPDDR5T RAM, 13% faster than LPDDR5X

SK hynix unveiled the “world’s fastest mobile DRAM”, which it calls LPDDR5T. The “T” stands for “Turbo” as the new RAM chips are 13% faster than the LPDDR5X RAM that has recently started appearing on premium devices.

LPDDR5T runs at 9.6Gbps compared to 8.5Gbps for 5X and 6.4Gbps for the original LPDDR5. At this speed the new RAM can go through 77GB worth of data in one second.

Note that 5T is not a new generation of DRAM but rather an enhancement of 5X. The chips are based on the 1Anm process, the fourth generation of the 10nm node and use the HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) process that…

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