|| OLD WOODEN PIER || by Bruno Soares

|| OLD WOODEN PIER || by Bruno Soares

Another day would be soon coming to an end,

Boats that early went out and now came back with their sun-grubby fishermen. And they, tired, would be returning to their homes after another day at work.

The tide has raised up, down, and up again. At the same time, on the horizon, the clouds passed going from shapes, or more abstract, or more available to a good imagination to give them an object into which they quickly would become!

Colour tones that had changed, giving the old pier different landscapes to contemplate at every moment of the day.

Curious people and photographers who passed by and waited for the moment, waited for the end of the day, waiting for the purpose of this journey when our beautiful Sun would set!

And the Sun did it, bringing to everything an unspeakable beauty!
And I, I was there, with all the luck in the world, able to see it and dream about it!

And it is tired, trodden and worn, that the old wooden pier stands there and everything watches!

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